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By Steven Inman

Sandy Alderson continues to sit on his hands while his team continues to lose ground

Sandy Alderson continues to sit on his hands while his team continues to lose ground

If you haven’t noticed, the Mets are in a tailspin. The Nationals are running away with the NL East and the Mets at the halfway mark of the season are at 41-40. They are entering the toughest part of their schedule that will see them continue on the dreaded West Coast Trip against two World Series contenders, finishing the series with the Dodgers and then the Giants. Unlike Willie Randolph a few years back, you should expect Terry Collins to make it back from this difficult West Coast trip but Collins doesn’t exactly have a long leash.

If Terry goes, Sandy should follow him out the door.

Sandy Alderson was brought in here because the Wilpon’s have no interest or ability to add payroll. They felt that a baseball man like Alderson who had experience running low budget teams like the A’s and the Padres would do just fine with their situation.

Whether that was right or wrong Alderson accepted the challenge. His plan was simple, wait out some of the Mets bad contracts and develop the Mets minor league system. He has done a fine job of that as baseball considers the Mets having a top five farm system, headlined by 2014 first round pick Michael Conforto. The outfielder is blazing through the minor leagues and should be considered for Triple A, if not the big leagues pretty soon.

Having said that, Alderson hasn’t done much else besides that improved system. When you are a small payroll team (no question the Mets are now) you have to develop your minor league system and then lock up your young stars before they get expensive. Alderson hasn’t attempted to lock up any of the Mets young pitchers to date. He’s running out of time to do so as some of them begin arbitration this winter. Alderson’s lack of urgency on seemingly everything is very alarming. He called the Mets beat reporters and fans the citizens of “Panic City” when he was questioned about his lack of movement this week while the team continues to free fall.

Alderson continues to alienate the fans as if its his job. The comments joking about the franchise such as “what outfield?” and “the Mets only reimburse gas at a downhill rate” continue to make fans irate. Most of Alderson’s jokes have been about the teams finances and with a passionate fan base that is having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, it is difficult to understand why Alderson continues to “poke the bear”.

Buster Olney of ESPN described the current state of the Mets on a recent telecast as “a burning building and nobody is doing anything about it”

The Mets currently have the 21st highest payroll in the sport so it’s not like they are completely without resources to use.  All of the big contracts Sandy Alderson has brought in as GM of the Mets have been poorly spent or worse.

The two most expensive deals Sandy Alderson has made in free agency are currently playing corner outfield for the Amazins. Curtis Granderson has batted .235/.333/.403 in 236 games as a Met. He has been incredibly streaky and his outfield defense has declined over the past few seasons. The Mets have bigger problems than Granderson but he hasn’t been worth the 4-year $60 million contract he received.

Michael Cuddyer has been a disaster for Sandy Alderson and the Mets. Cuddyer is batting .242/.296/.364 in his first season in Queens. Cuddyer, 36, is battling a knee injury that might plague him for the rest of the season. At this point in his career he really is a DH who shouldn’t be playing everyday to keep him fresh. Not only are the Mets going to be stuck with Cuddyer’s $12.5 million contract in 2016 but the Mets also gave up their 2015 first round pick for the former Rockie along with the pool money that goes with it. Cuddyer’s contract is going to be very difficult to operate around going forward. His bat has slowed to the point that he has become a guess hitter which has really hurt his plate discipline in 2015. Cuddyer used to be a guy who wouldn’t strike out much…

Michael Cuddyer has been a disaster with the Mets and his contract will tie the club up in 2016 as well

Michael Cuddyer has been a disaster with the Mets and his contract will tie the club up in 2016 as well

While Marlon Byrd was a good pickup a few years back, but he wasn’t brought back for Chris Young who was a very regrettable signing by Alderson.

Alderson has spent the rest of his small budgets on bullpens. All of the relievers brought in by Alderson on major league deals haven’t worked out. Players like Frank FranciscoJon RauchD.J. Carrasco all performed very poorly when brought in by the Mets.

Alderson and company have flat out been too patient to help this team be successful. Besides letting a potential playoff team die without any reinforcements in ’15, the team also took far too long assessing their own players. The Lucas DudaIke Davis dilemma took far too long causing the Mets to be unable to get anything of value for Davis. The same situation occurred with Dillon Gee who is being paid $5.3M to pitch in Las Vegas. His decision to keep Wilmer Flores at shortstop as long as they did remains a head scratcher.

With the Mets falling out of the race quickly, Sandy Alderson had to do something bold. He could have traded a few lesser prospects to get Ben Zobrist or even called up his own uber prospect Conforto, instead he and his staff just sat on their hands, leaving this team to figure something out themselves.

If anyone should be on the hot seat its Sandy not Terry.


By Steven Inman

The Mets can further cement their case as kings of New York this weekend

The Mets can further cement their case as kings of New York this weekend

The Mets, possibly playing their best ball in nearly a decade, head to Yankee Stadium to face their crosstown rivals, the Yankees for a three game set in the Bronx. The Yankees have been playing well as their offense has really kicked it into gear. The Yankees have won six of their last seven games and have averaged over 5.7 runs per game in that span.

Alex Rodriguez and former Met Chris Young have been the two best hitters for the bombers despite the Yanks not expecting either one to play every day when the season started a few weeks ago.

A win Friday would give the Mets their longest winning streak ever with 12 in a row.

Probable Starters 

Jacob deGrom (2-1, 0.93) vs, Michael Pineda (2-0, 5.00)

Matt Harvey (3-0, 3,50) vs. C.C. Sabathia (0-3, 4.35)

Jon Niese (2-0, 1.50) vs. Nathan Eovaldi (1-0, 3.12)

The middle of the Yankee order has not helped out much in the early season as former all-star hitters like Brian McCann and Mark Teixeira look like shells of their former selves. Both McCann (.294 OBP) and Teixeira (.204 BA) have been plagued by teams shifting on them.

The Yankee starting staff has also been pretty mediocre led by C.C. Sabathia who has gotten roughed up in two of his three starts this season.

The Mets should capitalize on a Yankee team that really hasn’t found its identity yet which was supposed to be their starting pitching. The Mets have taken their last four games at Yankee Stadium which includes a pair of 2 game sweeps in 2013 and 2014.

How do you think the Mets will fare in the Bronx this weekend?

By Steven InmanSpring 2013 014

With less than a week left in 2014, lets go back and look over the most important moments of the 2014 Mets year, on and off the field.

We did this the previous two years. The 2013 post can be found here and the 2012 article can be found here. In case you were living in a cave over the last year here is everything you need to know about the Mets in 2014. There were a lot of positives for the Mets but the team also had a lot of negatives. Here’s the list.

6. Bobby Parnell undergoes Tommy John surgery: Parnell didn’t look right all spring as his velocity was way down in Florida but the Mets elected to put him on the Opening Day roster anyway. Parnell blew the save on Opening Day against the eventual division champion Nationals and was sent for an MRI shortly after that revealed the need for season-ending surgery. The bullpen was a major liability for the Mets for much of the first half after Parnell went down as place holders such as Jose Valverde and Kyle Farnsworth were ineffective as late inning options. Both players were let go midway through the season. The Parnell injury was a major reason the Mets fell in such a large early season hole that they were never able to climb out of. Bobby Parnell will not be ready for Opening Day but for some reason, the Mets elected to pay his arbitration price again.

5. Jacob deGrom win NL Rookie Of the Year: The most pleasant surprise of the 2014 Mets was their

Jacob deGrom was magnificent as a rookie in 2014

Jacob deGrom was magnificent as a rookie in 2014

ninth round pick of the 2010 draft, Jacob deGrom. The right-hander was dominant all season and was easily the Mets best pitcher in 2014. If deGrom can perform as well as a second year player, the Mets rotation should be a force in 2015. DeGrom’s special year was capped off when he was awarded NL Rookie of the Year. Jacob is the first Met to win Rookie of the Year since Doc Gooden in 1984.

4. Mets will bring in the Citi Field Fences once again: In what has become a common discussion in recent years, the Mets have elected to bring in the Citi Field fences yet again. The new dimensions are very similar to Shea Stadium but if the Mets had the money to bring in better hitters, this probably wouldn’t be #4 on our list. The Mets needed to get creative to solve their need for power bats. Regardless David Wright and Curtis Granderson should benefit in 2015 from the more hitter friendly dimensions at Citi Field.

3. Mets sign Michael Cuddyer: The Mets made the first move of the MLB offseason by signing outfielder Michael Cuddyer to a two year contract worth $21 million. Cuddyer will cost the Mets the 15th overall pick in the 2015 draft but will provide a much needed bat to the middle of the New York lineup ,should he stay healthy. When the Mets struck unusually quickly to sign the former All-Star most expected this to be a busy offseason for Sandy Alderson and company. That has not been the case as the Mets have been quiet since that move in November.

2. Mets trade Ike Davis to Pittsburgh: The debate over who should be the Mets first basemen mercifully came to an end when the Mets traded shipped the former first round draft pick to Pittsburgh. While the Mets didn’t get much back in exchange for Ike Davis, the move freed up such much needed money and more importantly allowed Lucas Duda to play first everyday.  The left-handed slugger blossomed after being handed the job and hit 30 homers to go with 92 RBI’s for the Mets. Duda will be critical for the 2015 Mets.

Davis did not play well in Pittsburgh and has since been moved to Oakland as a salary dump where he will serve as depth in the A’s first base puzzle.

1. Sandy Alderson’s 2013 offseason signings don’t pan out: Unfortunately the Mets most significant moment of 2014 is a negative one. Last offseason Alderson and company signed OF Curtis Granderson and Chris Young along with P Bartolo Colon to lucrative deals, none of which have worked out. When you are operating at such a small payroll like the Mets, you must hit on all of your free agent acquisitions and the Mets hit on none from last winter. Granderson had a dismal year and received the boo birds often at Citi Field. The former Yankee is still owed $47 million over three years by the Mets. The Grandy Man has now not hit over .232 since the 2011 season. Granderson should benefit from the fences coming in power-wise but must improve on his .227/.326/.388 triple slash in his first season in Queens.

Chris Young was a disaster for the Mets and was released midway through the season. Young was the worst signing in Sandy Alderson’s tenure as Mets General Manager. Young badly struggled even just putting the ball in play as a member of the Mets.

While Bartolo Colon was a reliable veteran presence for the Mets in 2014, but the team simply over payed him. Colon,41, is still owed $11 million in 2015 which is far too much money for a 5th starter on a team that doesn’t want payroll to exceed $90-95 million. The Mets attempted to trade Colon but couldn’t find a team willing to take on his entire salary. Signing Colon last winter is preventing the Mets from finding a shortstop now.

The 2014 Mets year was mostly uneventful but expect 2015 to be a much more interesting year in Queens. With Matt Harvey back along with a rejuvenated David Wright this Met team should improve on 2014’s 79 wins.

Opening Night is now only 100 days away….

What are you looking forward to most from the 2015 Mets?


Jhonny Peralta would have made a huge difference on a Met team that is a bat or two short

By Steven Inman

While the Mets saw significant progress from many young players in 2014, it didn’t result in much of a difference in the win column. The Mets only won 79 games in 2014, only five more than in 2013 and 2014. There are many reasons for the team not being contenders in this season but perhaps the biggest reason finishing under .500 was based on a move that they didn’t make last winter.

The decision to not sign shortstop Jhonny Peralta to a long term deal now looks even worse for Sandy Alderson and the Mets.

Sandy Alderson and brass picked Peralta as their number one target last winter. They had a meeting with the shortstop during the winter meetings and ran for the hills when they heard his asking price was north of $50 million. Instead they gave that money to Curtis Granderson and Chris Young.

We reported on BrokeMets during last year’s winter meetings that since shortstop is such a tough position to find a hitter these days, they would have to overpay someone or be forced to start Ruben Tejada again.

Instead Peralta signed a four year contract worth $53 million with the Cardinals and St. Louis is reaping the benefits of that move as they play in their 4th straight NLCS.

Peralta’s deal looks cheap compared to what similar players have signed recently. There are only a handful of teams in major league baseball with a shortstop that can hit. Having one like Peralta gives a team like the Cardinals a huge advantage, as if they didn’t have a deep enough team already.

Met shortstops hit .236 this season which was 27th in baseball. They clearly need an upgrade but the team is likely to just go with Wilmer Flores and hope he doesn’t get exposed playing every day at this key position.

Perhaps the Mets 2014 season goes a lot differently if they got a 20 homer bat out of shortstop. This is a move that Sandy Alderson should regret not making especially considering they spent that money elsewhere on the offense.

By Steven InmanChris Young

Sandy Alderson had a plan last winter in free agency to bring in guys with a ton of upside. If they performed well, they would be worth their price tags. That plan has worked out miserably so far and it starts with OF Chris Young. Young started the year on the disabled list and hasn’t hit a lick since becoming a Met. Young was signed last winter by Alderson to a 1-year $7.25 million deal. The right-handed outfielder has gone on to hit .195 with a .283 OBP in 136 plate appearances with the Amazins.

Young has been used mostly as a defensive replacement this week as Terry Collins looks for more offense. The issue with that is Young isn’t a good outfielder anymore and really has no business being in the major leagues anymore. The Mets should designate Chris Young for assignment.

Young was an all-star caliber player in Arizona until April 17th, 2012. Young caught a fly ball at Chase Field and crashed hard into the center field wall. Young hit the ground and barely moved for several minutes, his shoulder seriously injured. Since that point Young is hitting under .220 in nearly 1000 at bats. Young used to be a guy who would hit .250-.260 hit 25 homers and drive in 90. “I do think about that day when I hit wall and what my career path may have been had I not done that,” Young said. “But at the same time, you can’t really regret playing the game. Those are the type of things that come with playing.” Young told the Arizona Republic when the Diamondbacks came to town last week.

It is a really unfortunate story as Young is still only 30 but he has not been the same player since that injury. If he had not gotten hurt and was still playing well then he wouldn’t have been a Met anyway. He likely would have been out of their price range or even still with the Diamondbacks.

Young has been below replacement level on both offense and defense this season according to WAR. He should be designated for assignment as the team could just use Matt Den Dekker as a defensive replacement and save a roster spot. Not Sandy Alderson’s best work here….

By Steven Inman

Juan Lagares Curtis Granderson

The Mets may have lost 2/3rds of their outfield to the DL in just a few innings

Both Curtis Granderson and Juan Lagares ended up leaving Monday night’s win vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks with injuries. Juan Lagares pulled his right hamstring running out a ground ball. Lagares has never had a hamstring injury before so he has no idea how severe it is. The team will wait until Tuesday afternoon to make a disabled list decision on Lagares.

It would really be a shame if the Mets lost Lagares for any extended period of time. He leads the team with a .314 average going into Tuesday’s contest and has played a phenomenal center field. Perhaps most importantly for Lagares was that he was starting to establish himself as an everyday player.

Lagares will likely be placed on the disabled list.

Granderson crashed into the right field wall at Chase Field in Arizona Monday and looked to be in serious pain. X-rays on the Mets $60 million man were negative, although multiple beat reporters said on Twitter that Granderson appeared in lots of pain after the game, struggling to dress and walk.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis would likely be the first guy called up in the event that either guy is put on the disabled list. Nieuwenhuis had a decent spring and the Mets know he can play all three outfield positions. Chris Young is 7-7 at Triple-A Las Vegas in his rehab assignment but isn’t eligible to come off the disabled list until Friday the 18th.

The wild card here would be Bobby Abreu. If the Mets need to put both Granderson and Lagares on the disabled list than perhaps they call up both Nieuwenhuis and Abreu. It is unclear if Abreu can actually still play the outfield at this stage of his career. Abreu hasn’t played in the big leagues since 2012. Abreu can opt-out of his contract with the Mets if he isn’t put on the major league roster by April 30th.

By Steven Inman

Daniel Murphy and Chris Young are both OUT for Opening Day vs. the Nationals. Young is dealing with a mild calf strain as well as the flu. Murphy is still in Florida as his wife is about to give birth. Both players are expected to return Wednesday. Here is the lineup that Stephen Strasburg will face at 1:10 p.m.

1. Eric Young Jr. 2Bphoto

2. Juan Lagares CF

3. David Wright 3B

4. Curtis Granderson RF

5. Andrew Brown LF

6. Ike Davis 1B

7. Travis d’Arnaud C

8. Ruben Tejada SS

9. Dillon Gee P