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By Steven InmanimagesCADQ3WP8

For the third consecutive year, the Mets selected a high school position player taking Dominic Smith, a 1B from California. Smith, 17, is strictly a first basemen but Ike Davis shouldn’t be packing his bags any time soon. Smith is probably four or five years away from the big leagues.

I think Smith was probably the best hitter left in the draft. I was originally led to believe that the Mets like New Mexico 13/3B D.J. Peterson more. Peterson went one pick later at 12. I think the Mets made the right choice even if Peterson might move through the minors a lot quicker.

There were a lot of good pitchers left on the board such as Brandon Shipley and Ryne Stanek. All along though it seemed as if the Mets were determined to take the best available bat.imagesCAU5LIB3

Smith could become a very good player with a smooth left handed swing who can hit for average and power but he is very far away from the big leagues. MLB Network compared him to Todd Helton. Smith compared himself to Robinson Cano and Carlos Gonzalez.

Smith was available because he is so raw and high school first basemen don’t usually go in the first round of drafts. The last one taken was Eric Hosmer by the Royals.

Mets assistant GM Paul Depodesta called him a “special” defender and also said the Mets could move him to RF down the road if necessary.

I like this pick a lot better than Sandy Alderson’s previous two first round picks as General Manager.

Ideally the Mets can sign him as soon as possible so he can get into pro ball. The Mets didn’t sign Gavin Cecchini in 2012 until the last possible moment which meant he wasn’t able to get into any professional games. He is still in extended spring training waiting for the Brooklyn Cyclones season to start in a few weeks.

The Mets pick again Thursday night with the 48th pick.

What do you think of the Mets 1st round pick?


Clint Frazier

Today is the Major League Baseball first year player draft. The event can be seen live on MLB Network at 7 p.m. Rumors have swirled around what the Mets want to do with the 11th pick. The Mets also have the 48th pick.  Here is everything we know:

  • The Mets desperately want a bat, preferably someone already in college so they can get to the big leagues around the same time as former first rounders Brandon Nimmo and Gavin Cecchini when the Mets are ready to contend.
  • The Mets are holding out hope that one of the Georgia High school outfielders Clint Frazier and Austin Meadows will be there at 11 for them to take.
  • While that didn’t look possible a month ago, I put the odds of one of them being there at about 30%.
  • The Red Sox are very interested in the two Georgia outfielders and are expected to take one of them.
  • The only pitcher the Mets have been linked to is Arkansas RHP Ryne Stanek.
  • The Mets would presumably only take Stanek if Frazier and Meadows aren’t available.
  • The Mets really like New Mexico 1B/3B D.J. Peterson who will most likely be there at 11.
  • Peterson profiles as all bat below average defensive first basemen.
  • The Mets also really like 1B Dominic Smith who has been linked to them numerous times over the last few weeks.
  • Peterson is another option for them if the outfielders are off the board.
  • The top two college bats Colin Moran and Kris Bryant will be off the board before the Mets pick.
  • The key to this first round for the Mets is somebody in the top 10 taking someone that nobody saw coming that shakes up the top 10. The two teams to watch for are the Rockies at 3 and the Royals at 8.
  • The Mets have $6.99 million in draft pool money to spend.


    New Mexico 1B/3B D.J. Peterson

Peter Gammons has been reporting that the Rockies are seriously considering taking 1B Dominic Smith at 3. Smith is considered to be the #11th best prospect in the draft. If that happens then there is a good chance that Frazier or Meadows trickles down to the Mets. I think if the Mets had their choice they would take Frazier who has a much better chance of sticking in centerfield.

As I said before the Mets also really like Smith, who is only 17.

Keith Law in his insider only mock draft is hearing high school righty Phil Bickford at #8 to the Royals, though he doesn’t seem a fan of the idea. If that happens the chances of the Mets getting the bat they want dramatically increase.

I think when all is said and done, the Mets wind up taking D.J. Peterson and signing him to a below slot deal, leaving extra money for later picks.

Who should the Mets take at 11 in this year’s mock draft?

By Steven Inman

OF Prospect Hunter Renfroe

OF Prospect Hunter Renfroe

With just three days before the MLB Draft the Mets are targeting a college hitter, tweets Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.  He suggests D.J. Peterson, Hunter Renfroe, Austin Wilson, and Aaron Judge as possibilities.

Out of those four guys, Hunter Renfroe would be my pick. He profiles as a corner outfielder. Renfroe has a ton of power and a cannon for a throwing arm. The question is will he hit enough as he moves through the system. Renfroe currently ranks 28th on Jonathan Mayo’s big board.

I still think the Mets wind up taking a player in the top ten that slips to them. There is always a team that reaches for someone way too early that winds up shaking up the whole draft. I would bet on that happening again.

By Steven Inman imagesCADQ3WP8

With just one week before the MLB Draft, Arkansas RHP Ryne Stanek is the latest player linked to the Mets.’s Jonathan Mayo believes if the bats the Mets want aren’t on the board, Stanek could be the pick. “The Mets would be happy if Shipley or McGuire were available, but if they’re gone, the next best college pitcher, Stanek, could be theirs”

Stanek was once considered a top five pick but has fallen in the last few weeks. Again the Mets have $6.99 million in slot money to spend on their draft.

The Mets would like a bat but as of now it seems as if the guys they want could be off the board. High school bats like Clint Frazier and Austin Meadows are both off the board before 11 on most mock drafts.

Things could change however and there is always a surprise or two in the top ten. If there is again next week, then maybe a premiere prospect like Frazier or Meadows could fall to the Mets. If they don’t a pitcher like Stanek who could move through the Mets farm system quickly wouldn’t be a bad pick.

The draft will be live on MLB Network at 6 p.m. on June 6th.

By Steven Inman

North Carolina 3B Colin Moran

North Carolina 3B Colin Moran

The MLB first year player draft is now just 16 days away and rumors are swirling about players the Mets could take. Most of the speculation has the Mets taking a college bat. That would make the most sense as the Mets system desperately needs a bat that can get through the system quickly. They really don’t have one of those right now.

Recent speculation has them taking North Carolina 3B Colin Moran. Moran is deemed as one of the top college bats in the country if not the highest ranked college bat. Moran may not last up to 11 but the Mets like him a lot. Moran would be a great pick at 11 and could move through the system quickly.

The Mets have $6.99 million in slot money to spend on this year’s draft.

The last time the Mets went for a North Carolina kid in the first round it worked out pretty well when they drafted Matt Harvey 7th overall in 2010.

High School outfielders Austin Meadows and Clint Frazier are the two best bats in the draft but both will likely be taken before the Mets are on the clock.

1B Dominic Smith could be the Mets first round pick

1B Dominic Smith could be the Mets first round pick

ESPN MLB insider Keith Law has the Mets taking high school lefty 1B Dominic Smith. Smith is another lefty with a very pretty swing. Coming out of High School in California,  Smith will likely be available when the Mets take the stage with the 11th pick.

The Mets have gone with high school bats in the first round in Sandy Alderson’s first two drafts as Mets General Manager. It’s possible they could go that way again with Smith.

As of now it sounds like unless a major college pitcher falls, the Mets will take a bat. 16 days from now until the draft can change things a lot though.

By Steven InmanimagesCADQ3WP8

The Major League Baseball Rule 4 first year player draft will be held  exactly one month from today on June 6th -8th. The MLB Network will broadcast the first day live and I advise you tune in, they do an excellent job telling who all of these young guys are.

The Mets hold the 11th pick in this draft in what I believe is the most important draft in Sandy Alderson’s tenure as Mets General Manager. The Mets didn’t give Michael Bourn the four year deal he was looking for because they didn’t want to give up the 11th pick which I agreed with. That being said the Mets centerfielders have struggled while Bourn would have been a nice fit in the leadoff spot.

High School Outfielder Austin Meadows will likely be gone before the Mets are on the clock next month

High School Outfielder Austin Meadows will likely be gone before the Mets are on the clock next month

I personally don’t think the Mets have done well so far with Sandy’s first two drafts. They clearly went with a couple of raw high-schoolers in the first round of the last two drafts with OF Brandon Nimmo and SS Gavin Cecchini. Maybe those two become stars but they are a long way away and clearly the Mets love those two more than these so called “draft experts”.

The Mets must hit with their first round pick.

This is a very solid draft filled with a lot of college prep pitchers and raw high school bats with a ton of upside. Pitchers like Mark Appel and Jonathan Gray are advanced college pitchers who have already been drafted before. They are both very close to the big leagues already but there is no chance either falls to the 11.

Clint Frazier and Austin Meadows are two high school Georgia outfielders who are expected to be the first two bats taken in next month’s draft. If the Mets could get one of these two if it would be a huge boost to the Mets farm system but there is little chance either falls to 11.

BrokeMets will do a mock draft tomorrow on some players that will be available when the Mets draft at’11. Here’s a short write-up I wrote on this year’s draft a few months ago.

By Steven InmanimagesCADQ3WP8

In a report for the Daily News, Andy Martino writes how the Mets nearly drafted catcher Yasmani Grandal instead of pitcher Matt Harvey with the 7th pick in the 2010 draft.

“According to a major league source, the Mets were strongly considering taking Grandal with the seventh overall pick in the 2010 draft, before changing their minds and picking Harvey.” Martino writes.

Grandal was selected 12th overall by Cincinnati, and was later traded to San Diego with other prospects in a deal for Matt Latos. Grandal is currently serving a 50-game suspension for violating MLB’s drug policy, and has also been linked to the Biogenesis clinic in Miami.imagesCADQ3WP8

Grandal looks like a good big league catcher and had a strong debut for the Padres last year but there is no question that the Mets made the right decision to draft Matt Harvey in what turned out to be Omar Minaya’s last draft as Mets GM. Coincidently Minaya now is a special assistant with those Padres.

Grandal, 24, hit .297 with a .394 on base percentage along with 8 homers in 226 plate apperances with the Padres last year.

It was definitely Minaya’s best pick as GM of the Mets. I remember watching the draft and thinking the Mets made a bad pick in Harvey. The guy I remember I wanted was Drew Pomeranz who has had mixed results to be nice in stints with the Rockies.

The draft is an absolute crapshoot but if you made a good pick it can change a franchise around. BrokeMets will do plenty of draft coverage over the next two months to prep on who the Mets should take with the 9th overall pick.