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By Steven Inman

Sandy Alderson just finished his busiest offseason as Mets GM

Sandy Alderson just finished his busiest offseason as Mets GM

When Omar Quintanilla and Wilfredo Tovar arrived in Port. St. Lucie this weekend it officially meant all 64 Mets who were invited to big league camp made it on time. With that, it is officially time for the 2013-2014 Mets offseason in review.


Curtis Granderson 4 yrs $60 million

Chris Young 1 yr $7.25 million

Bartolo Colon 2 yrs $20 million

John Lannan (minor-league deal)

Jose Valverde (minor-league deal)

Kyle Farnsworth (minor-league deal)


Justin Turner (Dodgers)

Jordany Valdespin (Marlins)

Mike Baxter (Dodgers)

Scott Atchison (Indians)

Shaun Marcum (Indians)

LaTroy Hawkins (Rockies)

Frank Francisco (Free Agent)

Johan Santana (Free Agent)

Obviously the Mets added talent to a very bad Met outfield with the additions of Granderson and Young but the two were both overpayed. Granderson missed most of the 2013 season with multiple stints on the disabled lists while Young hit .200 and lost his job by the end of the year. Plus the Mets stuck out a ton last year and even if Granderson and Young improve their numbers they are both strikeout prone. The Mets are going to strikeout a lot next year.

Like many of his new teammates, Chris Young strikes out a ton

Like many of his new teammates, Chris Young strikes out a ton

Granderson should have gotten a two-year deal, maybe three but four years was just too much. Nobody was obviously going to match them but when you have been bad for as long as the Mets have been, sometimes you have to overpay to get a guy to come here. The Grandy Man should still bring some much needed pop and lineup support to David Wright but this is still a below average offense in the National League. The Mets outfield defense however should be up there with the best in the game.

Bartolo Colon is a “Sandy Aldersonish” signing because he brings upside. Colon was outstanding last year and if he could repeat his 2013 Oakland numbers than the Mets could compete for a playoff spot. However he is coming off his second year with a steroid scandal, he’s over 40 years old and is extremely overweight. Most importantly he throws his fastball over 85% of the time so if he loses another tick or two off of it, this could prove to be a disastrous signing. Colon told reporters in Spring Training that the Mets were the only team to give him a two-year deal. I still like the deal compared to what similar pitchers got on the open market.

Lannan is a nice minor-league signing who will provide depth and will compete for the 5th spot in the Mets rotation. Terry Collins also said he could come out of the pen to face lefties but he has never done that before and I would call it unlikely.

The Mets never found their shortstop and never figured out what to do at first base. Instead, they elected to just hope one of Ike Davis or Lucas Duda can make the decision they have put off for years a little easier.

Ideally one of Jose Valverde or Kyle Farnsworth can be rejuvenated in spacious CitiField and help create the bridge to Bobby Parnell.

The Mets didn’t lose much in free agency. Hawkins was great last year but he’s 40 years old and can be replaced. Justin Turner was a fan favorite but the front office wasn’t thrilled with his “lack of hustle”. Obviously the biggest lost this winter was losing Matt Harvey for the season.

LaTroy Hawkins is one of the few subtractions that the Mets may actually miss

LaTroy Hawkins is one of the few subtractions that the Mets may actually miss

If I was grading the Mets offseason I would give it a C. I really liked the Colon signing because he has the most upside of anyone the Mets could afford. However I felt the outfield could have been fixed much cheaper which would have given them more money to acquire a shortstop, a hole that is still present. Nelson Cruz signed with the Orioles over the weekend on a one-year $8 million deal. Cruz to me has a lot more upside than Granderson and or Young but that’s my opinion.

The Mets had a very bad bullpen last year and didn’t do much to fix it other than a few minor-league deals. Finally, Sandy Alderson and his staff have had years to determine what to do with the Duda/Davis dilemma and have still not answered that question. However it was nice to see them acquire some new players for the first time in the Alderson era. Those are the reasons they get a C.

What grade would you give the Mets offseason?


By Steven Inman

Photo by Sports Illustrated

Photo by Sports Illustrated

The Mets finalize their busy day of non-tendering players by letting IF Justin Turner and SP Jeremy Hefner go. The Mets 40-man roster now sits at a much more comfortable 35.

Turner,29, had another strong year off the Mets bench but the fact that Terry Collins was hesitant to put Turner at shortstop likely led to his demise. Turner was the Mets best bench bat and a steady clubhouse presence so he will be missed. He was projected to make about 1 million.

Hefner also wasn’t even arbitration eligible but was due to make $500,000 next year without throwing a pitch. Recovering from Tommy John surgery, Hefner was not expected to pitch at all in 2014. Hefner had a stretch over the summer when he was the Mets #2 starter and we were talking about trading him away before the balloon popped. Well… it popped.

The Mets can bring back both players at lower salaries or in Hefner’s case on a non guaranteed deal. I believe Turner will go elsewhere. He was a very consistent player for the Mets and made the most of his opportunity. Turner was claimed off waivers from the Orioles by former Mets executive Wayne Krivski a few years back. Krivski drafted Turner when he was with the Orioles. Now with Krivski working with the Twins it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him land there given their infield issues.

Will the Mets miss Justin Turner or Jeremy Hefner???

By Steven Inman

In our last BrokeMets post we talked about how Ike Davis and Lucas Duda will be eligible for arbitration this winter. That led to a @BrokeMets twitter question by a fan asking who are the other Mets eligible for arbitration this winter. Well here is the full list.


Despite a rocky start, Dillon Gee is having his best major league season and will get paid for that in arbitration this winter

First Timers

Dillon Gee

Justin Turner

Eric Young Jr.

Lucas Duda

Second Timers

Ike Davis

Daniel Murphy

Omar Quintanilla

Bobby Parnell

Eric Young Jr. will be back as a 4th outfielder next year and won’t make a lot through arbitration. There is a good chance that Quintanilla is non-tendered with the hope of bringing him back in a utility role closer to the league minimum but the other guys are all expected to return. None will break the bank but Murphy and Davis are starting to get expensive through arbitration. If i were the front office i would seriously consider long term deals with Murphy and Dillon Gee. Murphy has had another strong season and is rated as a three win player by WAR despite his so-so defense at second. Middle infielders are hard to find these days and Murphy was the only hitter in the Mets lineup this season that could be depended on from April to September. Gee is finishing his best major league campaign and guys who throw a lot of innings like Gee does, usually get paid handsomely. His first time through arbitration isn’t a big deal it’s the next few times that could be a problem for the team.


By Steven InmanimagesCADQ3WP8

Justin Turner should be back at some point during this Atlanta series that starts Monday Terry Collins told the media. Turner who has been rehabbing with the Brooklyn Cyclones could be back as early as Monday,

Turner was definitely missed while he was on the disabled list. The Mets don’t really have a back up shortstop or second basemen when Turner was out. Eric Young Jr. played second a few times but Collins prefers him in the outfield.

It seemed as if Daniel Murphy really went into a slump once Turner went on the disabled list. Murphy needs days off every once in a while and without Turner around he couldn’t get one.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Murphy get his season going now that Justin Turner is back and can give him a few days off. Plus the bench really missed Turner and could use his bench late in games. It seems as if the Mets have played a lot of close extra inning games lately and who know if Turner could have helped win an extra game or two.

With a crucial four game set with first place Atlanta coming to Citi Field, it’s all hands on deck now.

By Steven InmanimagesCADQ3WP8

Terry Collins told reporters that neither Justin Turner or Lucas Duda have progressed really at all from their recent injuries.

Both players are on the disabled list and have been in Port St. Lucie rehabbing from intercostal strains they sustained in early June. The most Turner has been able to do is play catch, while Duda hasn’t been able to do anything.

The injuries really couldn’t have come at a worse time for either player. Turner will lose a lot of playing time when he comes back to Josh Satin who could play first, second or third like Turner.imagesCAU5LIB3

Duda was having just a weird year where he has 11 homers but just 23 RBI’s. I think the Mets are losing confidence that they can hide Duda in left field going forward. Eric Young Jr. has come in and played left field every day. The Mets have gotten a major boost from Young in the leadoff spot.

As long as Young keeps hitting like he has he will keep playing.

Both players will be eligible for arbitration this winter and you wonder if they will be tendered contracts by the Mets this winter or will they be trade or non-tender candidates.

Both players still have plenty of time to get back to the majors and prove their worth in the second half of the season.

By Steven InmanimagesCADQ3WP8

The Mets for some reason elected not to carry a backup shortstop to start the year. The Mets had Omar Quintanilla in spring training but he didn’t impress and the Mets sent him down. Ruben Tejada has struggled both offensively and defensively and appeared to injure his ankle Friday night.

The Mets needed to carry a backup shortstop and should be searching the waiver wire for a backup shortstop. It shouldn’t be that hard to find a glove first middle infielder.

The Mets have Jordany Valdespin who has played shortstop in the minors but he struggled badly their last year and Terry Collins is reluctant to put him out there again. The Mets seem content with his work as an outfielder.

Justin Turner, 28, could play short in a pinch if needed but lacks the range needed to play there on a daily basis. He should only be the emergency shortstop.

The Mets need Ruben Tejada to pick it up defensively as he already has six errors and most importantly stay healthy because the Mets don’t have another shortstop option at the moment.

UPDATED 2:52 p.m. Ruben Tejada is not in today’s lineup. Justin Turner is leading off and playing shortstop vs. the Nationals.

By Steven InmanimagesCAU5LIB3

Even though they have the same injury, the Mets are more concerned with Daniel Murphy’s status for Opening Day than they are for David Wright. Murphy has been injured for about a month but his oblique injury hasn’t allowed him to get into a spring training game yet. Wright sounds confident he will get over his oblique injury that he suffered during the World Baseball Classic and be ready to play the Padres on Opening Day.  Terry Collins doesn’t sounds as confident about Murphy. Collins said if Murphy can’t get into a game by the weekend he will start the season on the disabled list.

For the Mets to simply not be woeful offensively they need solid if not great years out of David Wright, Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis. Every other hitter on the team hasn’t proved that they can produce at an even average rate at their respective points in their careers. If the Mets were to lose Wright and Murphy even if it was just for the first week, they could be in a world of trouble.

If Wright couldn’t go on Opening Day, Justin Turner would probably play third base. If Murphy can’t go on Opening Day, Jordany Valdespin would play second base presumably. Both Turner and Valdespin are going to be on the roster anyway. Collins has even suggested that Valdespin could hit leadoff early on this year. The Mets have a wide collection of injuries but the oblique issues of Murphy and Wright should definitely be the most concerning to Mets fans as we are now just 11 days away from Opening Day.