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In the offseason edition of the Mets Report podcast Rob DeLucia and Steve Inman discuss the impact Mickey Callaway can have on the Mets, what Omar Minaya’s new role will be in the organization, the Mets second base options, why the Mets shouldn’t trade Juan Lagares and if the Mets only have $10-$15 million left to spend, who should the Mets spend it on? Thanks as always for the support and if you want a question or comment responded on the next show leave it below in the comments section!


By Steven Inman


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The Mets slow start to the season has a lot to do with their inconsistent offense, and their inconsistent offense has a lot to do with Jose Reyes’ complete lack of production. Reyes is just 6 for 62 at the plate this season and has made some rough errors at third base. His performance has been so bad that the Mets are wondering how much the 15-year veteran has left in the tank.

The Mets have plenty of options if they elect to replace Jose Reyes. Wilmer Flores will return to the Mets from the disabled list next week. Top prospect Amed Rosario played third base Friday night. T.J. Rivera has also hit in every organizational stop he has been in, including the big leagues. With that said, the Mets should give Reyes more time.

Reyes was a huge boost when he returned to the Mets last summer and the offense really picked up once he started hitting. What people seem to forget is that Reyes has always been a slow starter and it does not mean that he’s over the hill. Throughout his career April has always been Jose Reyes’ worst month. Reyes’ April AVG, OBP, SLG and OPS are statically his worst month compared to any other month in his career.

The Mets are better off with Flores remaining in his bench role where he just mashes lefties and it is highly unlikely the Mets would consider calling up Rosario before the Super Two date passes. (Likely in the middle of June)

Jose Reyes has done a ton for this organization and while their shouldn’t be any sentiment for him as his career winds down, the Mets need a productive Jose Reyes if they want to return to the playoffs and the only chance of that happening is to simply keep sending him out there. Jose Reyes is really the only player with plus speed on the roster so having him get going is crucial.

Reyes has always been streaky as a player so if the Mets are going to endure his low point, they should at least wait it out for him to get hot, he could help get this struggling offense going.

Do you think Jose Reyes should continue to play every day for the Mets?

By Steven Inman

When the Mets got swept by the Nationals last week, Met fans thought that this team was in major trouble due to a lack of offensive firepower. It seemed like no matter who Dusty Baker summoned to the mound for the Nats, they were going to put up a zero. Once the Mets returned home to face the Cubs everything changed. The Mets began clicking offensively and while middle of the order hitters Yoenis Cespedes and Neil Walker began playing the home run ball again, the key to the Mets recent turnaround is the re-emergence of Travis d’Arnaud.

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While the Mets called up their former spark plug Jose Reyes on Tuesday, the hitter that makes the Mets go now is actually d’Arnaud.

Last season when Travis d’Arnaud returned from the disabled list, the team took off. Yes obviously acquiring Yoenis Cespedes last year and then re-signing him this winter was crucial but this offense just seems to click when the Mets catcher is hitting. The Mets are 10-4 this season when Travis gets a hit, but just 4-7 when he doesn’t. He was 8-13 with a homer and 4 RBI during the Mets 5-game win streak.  Travis d’Arnaud put up 12 homers in just 239 at-bats last season. The backstop recently changed his stance to help him drive the ball better but for Travis it really comes down to him just staying on the field. It’s hard to get into a rhythm offensively when you miss a month or two every year.

Many thought the Mets were fine without d’Arnaud with Kevin Plawecki getting a real shot to be the everyday catcher. Plawecki badly struggled offensively and his throwing behind the plate wasn’t much better than d’Arnaud’s. Rene Rivera has been solid defensively in spot duty and Noah Syndergaard loves throwing to him but the Mets simply need Travis’ bat in the lineup. While d’Arnaud’s defense leaves much to be desired, his offensive potential could give the Mets a solid lineup the rest of the summer, even without making a trade. If #18 can stay healthy the Mets have a shot at catching the Nationals and winning their second straight National League East crown.

By Steven Inman

If you haven’t noticed, the Mets season is at a crossroads. The Mets offense is at a point where it’s hard to expect runs no matter who is on the mound for the opposing team. While losing Lucas Duda and David Wright has hurt, the rest of the team just hasn’t produced offensively. The Mets were counting on Michael Conforto and Yoenis Cespedes to carry the load like they did in the second half of last season. Cespedes has cooled off dramatically since a hot April and Conforto is in the minor leagues after not being able to adjust to pitchers strictly throwing him breaking balls. The Mets have really had no answers on how to fix this lineup internally. Since then the Mets have brought back Jose Reyes.01-terry-collins-080915-getty-ftrjpg_dduuxh7xyqfg1ckk33738rts9

No matter what you think of Reyes’ off the field issues, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t the same Reyes that won a batting title in his last tour with the Amazins.  Reyes was never a gold glove caliber shortstop by any means, but his defense has dramatically regressed over the last few years with the Marlins, Blue Jays and Rockies. Now the Mets are relying on Reyes to be the dynamic spark plug he once was along with learning third base, a position he has never played in the big leagues. Reyes is a good enough athlete where he could adapt to third base or even the outfield but the Mets wouldn’t be asking this of Reyes if the guys in the lineup were producing. It seems pretty desperate to bring in Reyes and hope he can be the Reyes of old and not just an old Reyes. Expect him to be up at Citi Field next week.

Washington just swept the Mets and while there is still half a season still to be played, it’s hard to imagine the Mets offense being good enough to hang with Dusty Baker’s club down the stretch. The Nationals clearly look like the better team and the Mets starting pitching looks tired. It may be because of all the extra pitches the young starters endured in the postseason or perhaps some nagging injuries that we haven’t been made aware of but this rotation just isn’t the same as it was last year. That doesn’t mean the Mets should regret throwing their arms deep in the playoffs by any means but it’s clear that there’s some fatigue.

Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz are both dealing with bone spurs in their elbows. While the Mets doctors have ensured the team that pitching through these injuries won’t make their elbows worse, you often see players develop new injuries trying to overcompensate from the pain they are dealing with.  Steven Matz has basically stopped throwing his slider in June, you have to wonder if that pitch was causing him pain. Matt Harvey hasn’t been the same elite pitcher this season and Jacob deGrom’s velocity has been down most of the season. Bartolo Colon at the ripe age of 43 is still pitching as strong as ever.

While there is still plenty of baseball to be played, the Mets are in a very dangerous part of their season as we head towards the All-Star Break…

By Steven InmanimagesCAU5LIB3

With the Mets inability to acquire a shortstop this winter, it makes the Mets decision not to give former Met Jose Reyes even a contract offer, more questionable.

In his last season with the Mets, Reyes was coming off a strong season in New York that ended with a batting title. The Mets elected not to trade Reyes at the trade deadline, thinking they could resign him. It just doesn’t make sense why they didn’t make him an offer then but they still felt that Ruben Tejada could be a cost effective replacement. That wasn’t the case in 2013 and the Mets are scrambling for a new shortstop.

The Mets are unlikely to find that new shortstop based on Sandy Alderson’s recent comments. “We’ve improved the team at other positions. And so giving Ruben a chance to reestablish himself as an everyday player isn’t such a bad thing. But we’ll continue to monitor what’s there from the trade market and conceivably free agency, although there really isn’t much left there.” Alderson told ESPN’s Adam Rubin.

Jose Reyes would solve a lot of the Mets problems right now. The team is actively looking for a leadoff man as well as a shortstop and Reyes is one of the best in the game at filling both of those positions.

Reyes signed a six-year deal worth $106 million two years ago but based on the numbers that other shortstops have signed since, that contract doesn’t look so bad.

Jhonny Peralta got $52 million from the Cardinals last month coming off a PED suspension and is older than the 30-year old Reyes.

Elvis Andrus got $120 million over eight years and he isn’t half the shortstop Reyes is offensively.

The Mets offense despite some additions in the outfield is still a below average lineup. Reyes would have changed that as when healthy is a dynamic top of the order hitter that simply hasn’t been replaced since he left Queens.

Reyes, now in Toronto won’t be traded by the Blue Jays so don’t get your hopes up Met fans. This is simply the one that got away.

By Steven Inman

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After coming into the season as title contenders and finishing in last place the Toronto Blue Jays will look to shake up their team. One of the ways they could do that is by trading OF Jose Bautista and SS Jose Reyes. The Blue Jays would want major league starting pitching in a deal for either player.

Bautista, 33, is coming off another strong season although he did miss nearly 50 games. He is a Sandy Alderson type of player who walks a lot and hits for a massive amount of power. He should have a strong market if the Blue Jays truly make their star right fielder available.

We all know about Jose Reyes and while it is plausible to think that the Blue Jays would trade him I don’t think he will be making a reunion to Queens anytime soon. Sandy Alderson didn’t want to sign Reyes as a free agent in the first place, why would he give up prospects now along with taking on the $86 million left on his deal? The answer is Alderson won’t. In fact I think there is a much better chance that if Reyes ever comes back to New York, it will be as a Yankee. Although I don’t believe that scenario is likely either.

Reyes has made his money because of his legs and in 2013 he stole just 15 bases in 93 games. If the Blue Jays wanted they could trade him but I don’t think they could get a ton back in return when he has 4 years left on his deal for $86 million and is coming off another year where he missed a lot of time.

I’m very skeptical that the Blue Jays who only have had their core together for one year, would make such a drastic move like this. Bautista has become the face of their franchise and has emerged as one of the greatest power threats in the game over the past four years. He is also on an affordable contract, 2 years and $29 million with one team option year. Plus I don’t think Reyes is the best option for the Mets right now despite their enormous hole at shortstop.

Should the Mets be interested in Reyes or Bautista?

By Steven Inman

In a very intriguing piece Dominic Lanza breaks down what all 30 ball clubs would look like if they still had all their homegrown players. The Mets would look very different most notably on offense.



Carlos Gomez has emerged as an all-star after being traded to Minnesota in a deal for Johan Santana

New York Mets
Starting Pitchers
A.J. Burnett
Dillon Gee
Matt Harvey
Scott Kazmir
Jonathon Niese
Heath Bell
Josh Edgin
Jeurys Familia
Matt Lindstrom
Jenrry Mejia
Bobby Parnell
Joe Smith
Francisco Pena
Josh Thole
Mike Carp
Ike Davis
Daniel Murphy
Jose Reyes
Ty Wigginton
David Wright
Endy Chavez
Nelson Cruz
Lucas Duda
Carlos Gomez
Angel Pagan

The Mets could have had an outfield of Cruz, Pagan and Carlos Gomez which could probably be the best in baseball. That being said, the Mets weren’t the only team to give up on Cruz and Gomez, both of which have become All-Stars. Having Jose Reyes here still could help with filling out the infield which could really use a shortstop right now. That being said the Mets have developed some great pitching over the last few years and have done a solid job of keeping it here in New York.

This is a very fascinating article by Dominic and you should definitely check out to see what all 30 teams would look like with all homegrown teams.