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By Steven Inman

Photo by NY Post

Photo by NY Post

Former Met Carlos Beltran had his introductory press conference with the New York Yankees on Friday. Beltran talked about how he had unfinished business in New York and always dreamed of putting on Yankee pinstripes.

The surprising part of the conference was the way Beltran talked about his Met days. Beltran was very critical of Mets ownership with the way they talked about him to the media. “The organization was trying to put me as a player that was a bad apple,” Beltran said. “I was this, I was that.’ I can deal with 0-for-4 and three strikeouts and talk to you guys. But when someone is trying to hurt you in a very personal way, trying to put things out there … then we got trouble. Now, it’s personal.”

Mets ownership did a very poor job in the way they treated Beltran. Although fans still remember him for not swinging the bat in 06’, the Wilpon’s have treated him worse.  “When they (Ownership) say all that about myself, I was hurt. You cannot believe the organization that signed you for seven years is trying to put you down. In that aspect, I felt hurt.” Beltran said.

Beltran was not without fault for his relationship with the Mets however. He underwent microscopic knee surgery one January without telling the Mets. He went on to miss most of that season and the relationship between the two sides never recovered.

Beltran has kept these thoughts to himself for years, so him telling the media how he felt must mean how strongly he felt about this. Hearing these comments from Beltran, it seems silly to think that there was ever a chance that Beltran would return to the Mets. Now Beltran will be coming back to Queens in pinstripes…


By Steven Inman

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Former Met Carlos Beltran has been a hot commodity so far in free agency. Teams such as the Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Royals and Reds are all pursuing the slugger. The Mets have not been pursuing the outfielder BrokeMets has learned. Considering the Mets lack of activity so far this offseason that piece of news shouldn’t come as a major surprise.

Beltran is looking for a three-year deal and his preferred destination is the New York Yankees. The Yankees have made Beltran their current “#1 priority” and have offered him a two-year deal. It would be a surprise at this point if the two didn’t work something out.

While other suitors have interest it appears our old friend wants to be a Yankee and they want to have him. Plus they seem to have the most money available to offer him so it seems like a fit. He continues to say he won’t make his decision until mid-December.

Whoever signs Beltran would have to give up their top unprotected draft pick.

The Mets likely don’t have interest because of Beltran’s age (he will be 37 on opening Day) and his declining range in the outfield. Beltran has made it clear that he wants to play the outfield every day but having DH at bats available would probably benefit him.

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BrokeMets got an interesting question from a fan on the BrokeMets twitter account asking if former Met Carlos Beltran could make his return to Queens after the season.

Apprciate the question and if you have a question you can ask it on the comment section or tweet at @steveinman or @brokemets. Back to the Beltran question I say absolutely, why not?

Beltran has had an awesome first half in St. Louis and will bat second for the National League and play right field during the All-Star Game. Beltran is on the second year of a two year $26 million deal he signed prior to the 2012 season. He also had a very good 2012 in St. Louis.

The Cardinals don’t have much room to bring him back. They hope to add #1 overall prospect OF Oscar Tavares and 1b Matt Adams to the everyday lineup in 2014.imagesCADQ3WP8

Beltran to me is one of the best Mets I have ever seen in my 21 years. He is consistent when healthy and can still play 5 to 6 times a week. A two year $20 million deal could get it done but would he come back to New York?

Beltran said when he was traded that he would love to come back and play for the Mets someday. During the All-Star warm-ups Beltran received a surprising, loud applause, showing Carlos that he is truly missed in the middle of this Met lineup. I wouldn’t underestimate that with Carlos Beltran.

Carlos said today to the media that he plans on playing three more years and is hoping to play well enough to get into the Hall of Fame.

The Mets offense hasn’t been the same since he left and on a two year deal it could be a very wise signing for the Mets as it was for the Cardinals.

I believe the Mets are more likely to sign a couple of guys to two or three year deals like the Red Sox did last winter than one guy to a five year deal. We will have to wait and see.

Would you bring Carlos Beltran back to the Mets?

By Steven InmanimagesCADQ3WP8

Tonight is the 84th midsummer classic where the world’s best baseball players are put on national display. Matt Harvey will get the nod for the National League and pitch the first two innings of the game. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him pump a few 100 mph fastballs in the first inning.


LF Mike Trout Angels

2B Robinson Cano Yankees

3B Miguel Cabrera Tigers

1B Chris Davis Orioles

RF Jose Bautista Blue Jays

DH David Ortiz Red Sox

CF Adam Jones Orioles

C Joe Mauer Twins

SS J.J. Hardy Orioles

P Max Scherzer, Tigers


David Wright will bat cleanup for the National League and play about five innings until Pedro Alvarez will replace him. Mariano Rivera will get into the game at some point even if the American League isn’t winning. Even if your a diehard Met fan, as I am, you should still give the greatest closer of all time one final applause. untitled


2B Brandon Phillips Reds

RF Carlos Beltran Cardinals

1B Joey Votto Reds

3B David Wright Mets

LF Carlos Gonzalez Rockies

C Yadier Molina Cardinals

SS Troy Tulowitzki Rockies

DH Michael Cuddyer Rockies

CF Bryce Harper Nationals

P Matt Harvey, Mets

It should be interesting to see the applause for David Wright as well as former Met Carlos Beltran when they announce the starting lineups. My money would be on the National League with all that great pitching.

By Steven Inman

Carlos Beltran had seven wonderful years as a Met. There were many ups and downs for Beltran and the Mets during his tenure in Queens. Beltran was the greatest centerfielder in the 51-year history of the New York Mets but continues to be remembered for one postseason at bat.

Beltran’s best season with the Mets came in 2006 when he hit 41 homeruns. After killing the ball in the Mets 10 postseason games that season, he came up with the bases loaded and two outs against a young Adam Wainwright. He struck out looking on a curveball that ended the Mets season and unfortunately when you look back to Beltran’s career in the blue and orange he is usually remembered for that at bat.

Unfortunately despite some strong seasons from Beltran the Mets never got back to the playoffs and Carlos never got another chance to redeem himself. He was traded to the Giants for Zack Wheeler on July 28th, 2011. Zack Wheeler is the Mets best prospect and he looks like the organizations next great pitcher so it looks like a great trade so far, but no doubt the Mets miss Carlos Beltran.

The Mets loss both Beltran and Jose Reyes within a calendar year but to me no doubt Beltran will be more missed. The Mets desperately need a corner outfield bat with some pop. While Beltran is capable of injury with his bad knees at any moment he did hit 32 homeruns with 97 Runs batted in this season and the Mets must find that type of power from at least one spot in the outfield. The Cardinals were very wise to sign Carlos to that 2 year $26 million contract.

Beltran would have been a nice fit on the Mets for the upcoming season but the Cardinals have him under contract next season and even if he was available in a trade his $13million salary for net season would definitely be deal breaker.

Beltran is thriving as a Cardinal and I bet his team wins it all as the postseason continues. Carlos has the best postseason OPS of all time and some of his teammates in St. Louis are calling him “Mr. October Jr.” He had one of the best postseason series of all time in 2004 as an Astro and played well as a Met. Unfortunately if Carlos Beltran’s career in New York is truly over,(not sure it is yet) he will be remembered for looking at a curveball to end the Mets season and best chance to get to the World Series over the last decade.