Mets getting desperate as season begins to slip away

Posted: June 30, 2016 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

If you haven’t noticed, the Mets season is at a crossroads. The Mets offense is at a point where it’s hard to expect runs no matter who is on the mound for the opposing team. While losing Lucas Duda and David Wright has hurt, the rest of the team just hasn’t produced offensively. The Mets were counting on Michael Conforto and Yoenis Cespedes to carry the load like they did in the second half of last season. Cespedes has cooled off dramatically since a hot April and Conforto is in the minor leagues after not being able to adjust to pitchers strictly throwing him breaking balls. The Mets have really had no answers on how to fix this lineup internally. Since then the Mets have brought back Jose Reyes.01-terry-collins-080915-getty-ftrjpg_dduuxh7xyqfg1ckk33738rts9

No matter what you think of Reyes’ off the field issues, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t the same Reyes that won a batting title in his last tour with the Amazins.  Reyes was never a gold glove caliber shortstop by any means, but his defense has dramatically regressed over the last few years with the Marlins, Blue Jays and Rockies. Now the Mets are relying on Reyes to be the dynamic spark plug he once was along with learning third base, a position he has never played in the big leagues. Reyes is a good enough athlete where he could adapt to third base or even the outfield but the Mets wouldn’t be asking this of Reyes if the guys in the lineup were producing. It seems pretty desperate to bring in Reyes and hope he can be the Reyes of old and not just an old Reyes. Expect him to be up at Citi Field next week.

Washington just swept the Mets and while there is still half a season still to be played, it’s hard to imagine the Mets offense being good enough to hang with Dusty Baker’s club down the stretch. The Nationals clearly look like the better team and the Mets starting pitching looks tired. It may be because of all the extra pitches the young starters endured in the postseason or perhaps some nagging injuries that we haven’t been made aware of but this rotation just isn’t the same as it was last year. That doesn’t mean the Mets should regret throwing their arms deep in the playoffs by any means but it’s clear that there’s some fatigue.

Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz are both dealing with bone spurs in their elbows. While the Mets doctors have ensured the team that pitching through these injuries won’t make their elbows worse, you often see players develop new injuries trying to overcompensate from the pain they are dealing with.  Steven Matz has basically stopped throwing his slider in June, you have to wonder if that pitch was causing him pain. Matt Harvey hasn’t been the same elite pitcher this season and Jacob deGrom’s velocity has been down most of the season. Bartolo Colon at the ripe age of 43 is still pitching as strong as ever.

While there is still plenty of baseball to be played, the Mets are in a very dangerous part of their season as we head towards the All-Star Break…

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Your article is very much on target explaining what is presently wrong with the Mets. However, I can’t get what Sandy Alderson did not do or get done during the off season out of my mind as the primary cause of what is clearly wrong with the Mets right now. When a player like D Aza is a GM’s first signing it sends the wrong message. Then not being able to close what they initiated by signing Zobrest made things worse. Walker was a nice move but as the season continues to unfold re-signing Murphy should have been their first move instead of the QO non move they made to retain him. Murphy is now having a career year, should be the NL’s starting 2nd baseman in the All Star Game and is in the running if not the front runner for the NL’s MVP this year. On top of that his offensive line numbers vs. the Mets is a worse embarrassment than Chipper Jones ever was to this team. The Mets needed to finish what they started in 2015 and now instead they are watching other teams like the Nats get it done instead of them. Yes, Cespedes was a great get but he is not carrying this team when no one else is hitting while Wright, Duda and possibly now Granderson have all bitten the proverbial dust and their stellar starting pitching is suffering because they are proving to be the an incomplete answer in the winning equation that was miscalculated by Sandy Alderson during the off season. Oh and that was a great win last night. Credit Nimmo one of the best ABs I have seen in a very long time from any player on the Mets plus his heads up base running was a real treat. He may not have Conforto’s power but hopefully he is more of a pure hitter who can successfully make AB adjustments that keep him in a line up sorely lacking a pure hitter. Thanks again for a great article and Lets Go Mets! Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Hey Mike, thanks for the comment. Obviously De Aza has been a disaster. It’s shocking that Daniel Murphy is only making a little less than $2.5M more than De Aza this season. It’s a moot point though because the Mets never had any interest in a Murphy reunion. I expect De Aza to get the boot soon with roster spots needed for Juan Lagares, Jose Reyes and eventually Michael Conforto.

      I’m not going to kill them on Zobrist because handing a 35-year old a 4 year contract just isn’t a good idea in my eyes. Unless Zobrist helps lead the Cubs to a World Series, I bet they regret that deal at some point. Despite his massive hot and cold streaks, Walker has been fine. Ideally Noah and Matz will be ok and the offense’s worst days are behind them. They seem to get going whenever Cespedes is hot which appears to be right now. Lets Go Mets!

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