Murphy Making the Most of his Final Moments as a Met

Posted: October 21, 2015 in Mets Postseason, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman 

Daniel Murphy has been circling the bases a lot recently Photo from USA Today

Daniel Murphy has been circling the bases a lot recently
Photo from USA Today

In case you haven’t heard by now, Daniel Murphy is having one of the greatest, if not the all-time best postseason a Met has ever had. Murphy is batting .364 with six home runs and 9 RBI in just 8 postseason games. He has struck fear in several Cy Young candidates.

The Mets new slugger has homered in 5 straight games, matching a postseason record set by Carlos Beltran back in 2004 with the Astros. Many consider Beltran’s run with Houston the greatest contract push in the history of baseball. It was a tear that helped Beltran get a seven year $119 million contract with the Mets 10 years ago.

Coincidentally Murphy is a free agent this winter and as we at BrokeMets have been reporting for months, Murphy is highly unlikely to be back with the Mets next season. They have discussed Murphy in trades the past few seasons (including this year) and believe a combination of Wilmer Flores and Dilson Herrera can be nearly as productive in 2016. The Mets weren’t thrilled about paying Murphy $8 million this season so giving him a raise along with a 4 or even 5-year contract is highly unlikely.

That being said, if the Mets can win five more games, Murphy along with the rest of this Met team will be remembered and revered like the 1969 and 1986 clubs were. Murphy will own a piece of Mets history and will be beloved in New York long after his time as a major league ballplayer is up. If the Mets can win Game 4, barring something unforeseen Murphy is likely to be named NLCS MVP, an honor that only one other Met has ever had. (Mike Hampton, 2000)

Heading into the Postseason Murphy’s camp was likely looking for a contract near what Chase Headley got from the Yankees last winter (4-years $52 million) where they would ultimately settle for a Martin Prado type contract. (4-years $40 million) Now after one of the greatest power streaks over the last decade of postseason baseball, Murphy is likely to command Chase Headley money which probably thrills the Mets front office.

The Mets are probably ecstatic that Murphy continues drive up his price. First off and most importantly, Murphy is leading the Mets to their 1st World Series berth since 2000. Secondly now the Mets can offer Murphy the $15.8M qualifying offer without a guarantee that he would accept it. If Murphy declines the Mets get a top draft pick should he sign elsewhere. If he accepts the deal (unlikely) then the Mets could trade their postseason hero who will be on another one -year deal. He would still have a market on a $15.8M one-year contract. Jon Heyman reported today that the Mets are now looking to offer Murphy the QO. Lastly now the front office can reasonably justify to the fan base that they tried to keep Murphy by extending him the Qualifying Offer and that their resources are better used elsewhere than matching the large contract he could receive.

A 13th round pick back in 2006 by the Mets, Murphy has given everything he has to the Amazin’s. Last season he was the Mets lone All-Star player and now he and the rest of his Met teammates have gotten the recognition that they now deserve. For someone who works as hard as Murphy it is nice to see a player perform when the lights are the brightest. Continue to enjoy this run Met fans…

  1. Frank says:

    Awesome post Steve. Looking forward to tonight!

  2. Mike Young says:

    Steve – As a long time Mets fan I am enjoying Daniel Murphy’s incredible display of talent during this 2015 post season run. Collectively most if not all Mets fans always knew that as TC once put it Dan Murphy “can flat out hit.” But who ever would have imagined a post season run from him like this. I can’t help it but I wish the Mets would retain both Cespedes and Murphy. The way I see it my hope for this team as of this writing goes like this: win the NLCS; win the WS; sign Cespedes; sign Murphy and then win again in 2016. However, all the Mets pundits seem to agree that the Mets can possibly afford one but not both. However, there are a lot of reasons that I can think of that would justify the Mets signing both players. On the top of that list is that the Mets fan base would be collectively ecstatic if both signings would transpire. I believe that it is doable and I believer that the owners would send the right message to the fans and that the Mets would continue with their now winning ways. So why not do it? Why not go for not just one great season but a legacy that would include a core of starting pitchers, closer, and two much beloved players on a team that has come together since August 1st like no other Mets team in the last 54 years. I love this team and I want to enjoy them next year like I have enjoyed them from August 1st through this magical playoff run. Thanks, Mike

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