The Mets can fix their lineup by calling the Brewers

Posted: July 9, 2015 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman 

Carlos Gomez would give the lifeless Met lineup a jolt

Carlos Gomez would give the lifeless Met lineup a jolt

After the most impressive road trip of the 2015 Mets season, optimism surrounds the Mets as they head towards their final series of the first half. So the question Met fans are asking now is what next? Well next should be Sandy Alderson going out and acquiring a bat.

We have already speculated here on BrokeMets how great a fit Ben Zobrist would be for the Mets. Zobrist is going to have a ton of interest and could fit a number of teams but he isn’t the only option that would help the Mets without costing them all that much financially.

The Mets should call the Milwaukee Brewers to discuss one of their outfielders. Former Met Carlos Gomez along with gold glove outfielder Gerardo Parra are available in trades. Neither is making all that much money compared to other outfielders who could be on the move in a couple weeks. Parra, 28, is set to be a free agent after the season so the 37-50 Brewers will surely trade him. Parra is hitting a career best .309 with eight homers and 40 runs scored in 84 games for the Brew Crew this season. Parra would fit the Mets perfectly because he can play all three outfield positions, he is only making $6.2M this season and most importantly he could be the Mets first legit leadoff hitter since Jose Reyes. In 18 games in the leadoff spot this season Parra is hitting .380 with a .407 OBP.

Parra is a gold glove outfielder in all three outfield positions and is an upgrade offensively over all of the Mets current outfielders. The Mets have had interest in Parra in the past when he was a Diamondback. Parra as a rental wouldn’t cost the Mets a top arm unlike Carlos Gomez who is also available for the right price.

Gomez, 29, was the key piece that sent Johan Santana from the Twins to the Mets back in 2008. After leaving Minnesota, Gomez figured it all out to become an all-around star. He is having a down year due to a bad April but he is a great centerfielder with two tools the Mets don’t possess much of right now, power and speed. He could take the Mets to a whole other level and like Parra could also leadoff if needed.

Gomez is on a very team friendly contract making $8M this season and $9M next season before becoming a free agent. With his very inexpensive deal, expect the Brewers to ask for a haul for their 2-time All-Star so it remains to be seen if the Mets could reacquire Gomez without giving up one of their top flight pitchers, which they are unwilling to do.

Parra or Gomez would be tremendous fits for the Mets. Neither is making much money and both are available now for the right price. Alderson should be calling Doug Melvin in Milwaukee immediately.

Expect a ton of rumors on Gomez and Parra as we get continue to get closer to the deadline…

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Your article makes sense for the Mets. The questions are does Sandy Alderson have what it takes to get a deal done and what players would the Brewers want in return. If the Mets GM could get this done the Mets would be better positioned today to make the playoffs than if nothing were to be done. Also to make a deal with the Brewers or any team would go a long way towards restoring the fans confidence in Sandy Alderson as the Mets GM. Between the two I like that Gomez would be available for at least this season and next season rather than Para who will be a free agent after the 2015 season. Thanks, Mike

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