The Mets completely botched the Dillon Gee situation

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanSpring 2013 014

After six seasons with the New York Mets, the Dillon Gee era is over. The right-hander imploded Sunday in a spot start against the Atlanta Braves, giving up eight runs and raising his ERA to 5.90. The Mets designated the right-hander for assignment a few moments ago. It’s a mystery why the Mets DFA’d Gee instead of just optioning him to Las Vegas (AAA). Since Gee doesn’t have five years of service time he can’t refuse the option but the Mets elected to wipe him off the 40-man roster completely. They now have 10 days to find a trade partner or they will have to give Gee his unconditional release.

The whole situation is very similar to the Ike Davis situation last season in that it was completely botched. The Mets who desperately needed Gee’s $5.3 million salary off the books, now will most likely be on the hook for all of it except the league minimum. The Mets fielded trade offers for Gee last winter but elected that the players they were getting back weren’t worth losing their rotation security blanket. The Mets didn’t get many offers for Gee but they definitely could have moved the right-hander if they lowered their asking price.

Even if they weren’t being offered much a Gee trade could have opened up $5.3 million for the Mets, which could have allowed them to be active in trade talks for a bat right now. The Mets were picky in what they were asking for and held Gee, like Davis last season, to a higher asking price in trade talks than the rest of baseball.

The Mets were asking for a haul two winters ago for Davis, turning down some pretty good offers in the process. In the end, like Gee, the Mets hung on to Davis far too long and were lucky to move him to Pittsburgh in a salary dump in the end.

Teams like the Rangers, Royals, Twins. Rockies and Giants all inquired about Gee this winter. All of those clubs could use another starter now.

If the Mets just traded Gee last winter they would be in a much better spot right now. Although the six man rotation seemed like a great idea to limit their young starters innings, it seemed to cause most of their pitchers to struggle, most notably Gee. A few Met starters complained publicly about the new rotation messing with their routines. The Mets kept yanking Gee around to various roles all season so it really wasn’t a surprise that he struggled. The Mets will likely find a trade partner for Gee within the next ten days but it remains to be seen how much money the new team would be willing to take on.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – On top of what you wrote, Gee did not pitch well at all yesterday. Mike

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