It’s time to stop talking trades because a trade isn’t happening

Posted: June 10, 2015 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Michael Cuddyer and the Mets have had trouble putting the ball in play on most nights

Michael Cuddyer and the Mets have had trouble putting the ball in play on most nights

With the Mets hanging around the Nationals for first place in the N.L. East there is plenty to be happy about in Metland. However the team has obvious holes up and down the lineup and all of the talk from media and fans has been about what the club should do to fix these offensive problems. While adding a big bat to bolster the lineup couldn’t hurt it isn’t something the club is likely to do so we should simply stop talking about it.

After being no-hit in ugly fashion by Chris Heston, the trade talk around the club will only get louder.

This Met club is at the absolute max their payroll is going to be at for awhile so talking about adding payroll is just a waste of breathe. The team also isn’t going to give up a Steven Matz or a Noah Syndergaard to get that big bat so we really are just wasting our time talking about outside additions.

The Mets will be getting reinforcements when Dilson Herrera and Travis d’Arnaud are activated off the DL this week. If Travis can get into a rhythm and get back to the way he was hitting pre-injury, then that is a huge bat to help a struggling Met offense. It isn’t known if Herrera will be back with the big league club immediately or if he will be optioned to Las Vegas (AAA) for a little while.

Ideally the Mets will get Daniel Murphy back too in the next couple of weeks but the lineup is going to be an issue for the club all year. They aren’t trading Jon Niese or Dillon Gee to acquire the offense they are going to need. That is just a pipe dream as those two pitchers don’t have any value. Any trade involving either pitcher is just to dump salary. If the Mets make anymore offensive changes, expect them to be internal. Maybe things change as we get closer to the trade deadline on July 31st but that is what to expect from the Mets at the moment.

The talk around this team should be about what they do have, and what they are getting back not what they don’t have or what they can’t afford. The Mets have an elite pitching staff and if the club is able to scratch out just four runs that should be enough to win on a majority of nights. It is not ideal but the Giants won multiple championships with great pitching and that ability to scratch out runs, there is no reason the Mets can’t do the same when healthy.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Everything you wrote in this article is “Right On’ as well as “Sad but True”. If this were the George Steinbrenner Yankees or even the present day Red Sox, Dodgers or Cubs the Mets owners would spend in order to do what ever it takes to attempt to fill the holes and to maximize the Mets competitiveness. By now its the same old sorry song, “Maybe next year or the year after that” but now is out of the question. As for the Mets doing what the Giants did or the Royals did or even what the ’69 Mets did all I can say is don’t hold your breath. Their line up just doesn’t put fear into any MLB starter. Last night was evidence enough for that. Right now I wish that they had not signed Cuddyer and had drafted at #15 instead. Obviously, its way too late for that. Years from now we will see in game trivia questions about that #15 to be future all star player that the Mets gave up in order to sign Cuddyer who will be a distant memory by then. Just this week I was again reminded while watching the Mets that years ago instead of drafting Reggie Jackson the Mets drafted Steve Chilcot instead. I still remember that draft and how high the Mets were on Chilcot who among other hot prospect draftees over the years (far too many to enumerate) that never panned out.Thanks for the article, Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Obviously giving up #15 overall for an aging Michael Cuddyer wasn’t a smart move but Cuddyer along with Granderson and the rest of this offense can still play well if they get healthy. Travis is now back after the lengthy absence and Murphy will likely be back Saturday. I wouldn’t hold my breath on Wright but if Travis and Murphy can hit and Duda can start hitting for power again, then all of a sudden this lineup won’t completely kill them. The defense, as we talked about, is a different story…

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