Mets not trading for Troy Tulowitzki is the correct move

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion

By Steven Inman

Every once in awhile BrokeMets will take tweets from fans and turn them into posts if the topic is one that hasn’t been addressed in awhile. Many fans have been asking the same question over the last few weeks.

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This is a topic we have covered before but with Troy Tulowitzki pondering a trade request out of Denver it seems relevant to bring up again.
The Mets are not getting Troy Tulowitzki.
Tulo, 30, is hitting .303 with a .310 OBP to go with two homers and 11 RBI in 30 games, hardly eye popping numbers for the 4-time All-Star. Tulo has always been damaged goods but that isn’t the only reason it would be a mistake for a team like the Mets to acquire him.
Tulowitzki is growing frustrated in Denver, his Rockies are currently on a 10 game losing streak

Tulowitzki is growing frustrated in Denver, his Rockies are currently on a 10 game losing streak

First off Tulowitzki is a career .322/.395/.563 hitter at Coors Field but owns a mere mortal slash line of .275/.348/.469 on the road. Those numbers wouldn’t get better if the shortstop was playing half his games at pitcher friendly Citi Field.

Tulo is on the wrong side of 30 now and while he still may have a few prime years left in him he hasn’t shown he can play 150 games a year. Tulowitzki has played in 150 games just once in his nine year career so far.

Perhaps most importantly here, the Mets really don’t have much money right now so taking on Tulowitzki’s monster contract doesn’t make much sense. Tulo is owed a minimum of $98 million over the next five seasons and that doesn’t even include the $20 million salary he’s making this season.The Mets weren’t thrilled with giving David Wright his big contract and he was home grown. They will not be paying the left side of their infield hundreds of millions of dollars as they continue to age.

Let’s not forget here that the Rockies would ask for a boatload in exchange for their long term star. Trading one of Noah Syndergaard or Steven Matz would not be close to enough to acquire Tulo even if money wasn’t a factor. It will cost three if not four of the Mets top prospects to pry Tulo out of Denver. Rockies owner Dick Monfort won’t move his favorite player even if his baseball people like the deal, unless he believes the Rockies are getting simply too much in return to turn down. That may change however if Tulowitzki publicly demands a trade.

I hope this answers your question. If you have a Met question it can be made into a post by tweeting @brokemets.


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