The Mets need to end the WIlmer Flores “experiment” now

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Future Mets, News, Opinion, Spring Training
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By Steven Inman

Matt Reynolds had an impressive Spring Training with the Mets

Matt Reynolds had an impressive Spring Training with the Mets

After an impressive spring training, Matt Reynolds established himself as a prospect to watch this season. He raked in the upper minors in 2014 and has very little still to prove down there. That being said the Mets continue to let the Wilmer Flores experiment play out.

Flores hasn’t established a reason for the Mets to continue letting him play everyday.

He hasn’t hit at all, he hasn’t shown he can hit for power even in the minor leagues, nor has he shown a great ability to get on base. His baserunning hasn’t been good and that is before we even get to his defense which has been horrendous through the first couple series. Flores has looked shaky in every game after Opening Day.

Maybe he can be a right-handed bat off the bench but he hasn’t shown he can be an everyday shortstop. In a season the Mets hope to be a playoff team, they cannot afford to experiment here. If the team insists on finding out if Flores can play short they should have put him there in the minor leagues over the past few years. Flores is out of options so they cannot send him down without the risk of losing him now.

Matt Reynolds has played well in Triple-A and has shown to be at least adequate at both second base and shortstop. He may not have a ton of power but he should be able to hit for a high average and most importantly he can play the position he is asked to play. When the Mets do eventually call up Reynolds he will be the first Sandy Alderson draft pick as Mets GM to make it to New York.

If the Mets want to contend this season they must plug up as many weaknesses as they can. Games in April count just as much as they do in September.

Do you agree that the Mets have been too patient with Flores at shortstop?

  1. alexgiobbi says:

    It’s only been 8 games. Calm down. That’s not even 1% of the season.

    • Steven Inman says:

      But he has no track record here. Other than making the league minimum what other reason is there for him being their shortstop.

      Plus now they have a viable alternative in Reynolds at Triple-A. Maybe it is too early but games in April count just as much as games in September.

  2. alexgiobbi says:

    The problem here is that you’re expecting Wilmer to continue to not hit and singlehandedly blow every game through his deficiencies like Desmond did for the Nationals on Opening Day. Ever heard of the Law of Averages? Wilmer isn’t going to continually suck, he deserves at least a month before a decision can be made.

    Also, you’re talking like we’re 2-6 and on a 5 game losing streak, not 5-3 and on a 3 game winning streak. There’s a very clear difference between pulling the plug while riding a momentum wave and pulling a plug while mired in a slump.

    Furthermore, you’re talking like Wilmer is the only problem on the team. In case you haven’t noticed, our bench hasn’t been hitting either. Nieuwenhuis hasn’t gotten a hit, Tejada can’t be relied upon, and Mayberry is really a platoon guy, not a bench guy. So should we blow up our bench as well?

    How about our back end rotation? Should we just sell Jon Niese and Dillon Gee for scrap because they had bad starts in Atlanta?

    Admittedly I agree that Reynolds does deserve a shot up as well, but only if Flores really can’t get his act together. If he continues to have a Puig type baseball IQ without the hitting ability, then yes, the experiment should stop. That being said, Flores does at least deserve a spot. He has the potential to succeed Wright at third base and should he be able to realize his potential, he could be worth keeping. Keep in mind, Flores is only 23.

    So yeah, the basic message here is calm down and wait. We’re doing fine now, we can certainly afford to see if Flores has what it takes.

  3. mitch079 says:

    Yeah, bring up the guy hitting .130 in AAA. But it’s only been a week there, you say?

    • Steven Inman says:

      Guys both of you made solid points. I’m just concerned that his defense is going to Cost the Mets some games here which is why I think they should go with Reynolds or even Tejada

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