Mike Piazza misses out on Hall Of Fame again

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Citi Field, News
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By Steven Inman 

While Mike Piazza did gain a few more votes, it will be until at least 2016 until the former catcher gets into Cooperstown

While Mike Piazza did gain a few more votes, it will be until at least 2016 until the former catcher gets into Cooperstown

Former Met catcher Mike Piazza was not admitted into the Hall Of Fame again when the final ballots were released Tuesday. Piazza earned just 69.9 percent of votes. To get in to the Hall of Fame, a candidate must appear on 75 percent of the 571 ballots from Baseball Writers Association of America. Piazza got 62.2 percent in 2014, up from his debut year (57.8 percent).

There are many reasons Piazza didn’t get in. For starters many writers won’t vote for a player even if there is the smallest hint of doubt that he may have used steroids. Secondly but perhaps just as importantly some writers use their ballots as a way of getting themselves publicity which is just a shame.There were some voters that didn’t even vote for All-Time greats such as Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez for some reason.

As long as there isn’t any proof that Piazza did steroids than I think it is ridiculous that some of these writers chose not to vote for him. It’s disappointing for Mets fans as the Mets don’t plan on retiring Piazza’s number at Citi Field until they know for sure that #31 is getting into the Hall as a Met. Piazza won’t get into Cooperstown in July and it looks like he may not get in for the foreseeable future.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – I have had with the BBWAA. Who actually reads what they write anymore? I watch the game and listen to the broadcasters. I watch the MLB channel and listen to those who they hire to talk baseball. Finally, I read blogs like this one for baseball info and shared opinions by actual fans. They have power that they no longer deserve. In a computer age we could input all the known stats and the HOF inductees would be chosen on their merit in how they compare with the players they competed against and by the established parameters of the players already inducted. Why is Bill Mazerowski in the HOF and Pete Rose not? Who has more hits and accomplishments? Forget about Roe’s gambling. He wasn’t gambling when he stood in the batter’s box or while he played one of the 6 positions he played during his lengthy career or when he was running the bases. He exceled in those situations and he deserves to be in the HOF because he exceled within those situations because that is playing the game. Piazza belongs. It seems to me as a Mets fan that there are, in genera,l journalists that cover the game who have collectively made a choice to disrespect anyone associated with an orange and blue uniform. Computers won’t do that. I could say much more but I have already said more than enough about this. Thanks for carrying the torch. Lets Go Mets! Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Its not even about computers Mike. There are voters who haven’t covered a baseball game in over a decade still deciding the fates of Piazza and others. Also if all the ballots were made public then maybe voters would do a better job of voting to avoid heavy criticism. The entire process needs to be changed but that wont happen anytime soon.

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