Shortstop market alters Daniel Murphy future with Mets

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion, Spring Training
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By Steven InmanSpring 2013 014

The Mets went into the offseason planning on trading one of their starting pitchers along with possibility trading All-Star 2B Daniel Murphy.This would allow the Mets to get new players while keeping payroll around $90-95 million. The Mets were going to use Murphy’s money to afford a starting caliber shortstop. Then the Mets would have a competition in spring training between Dilson Herrera, Wilmer Flores and Matt Reynolds for the starting second base job.

However the Mets never found a shortstop so Daniel Murphy will start the 2015 season with the Mets. Murphy is now the second longest tenured Met on the team, behind only the captain, David Wright.

Murphy will be a free agent after the 2015 season. It appeared as if Murphy would be a goner this winter but that has obviously changed. However if the Mets are out of the race by the All-Star break they could trade Murphy at the trade deadline.

The Mets had interest in a number of free agent shortstops but for a lesser price to what they actually got on the open market. The Mets liked Jed Lowrie in the past but only had interest in him on a one year deal. Lowrie went to the Astros on a three year deal. There were conflicting reports on whether the Mets had interest in Asdrubal Cabrera. Cabrera signed with the Rays on Tuesday. The Mets also showed interest in trade candidates such as the White Sox Alexei Ramirez and the Cubs Starlin Castro. Both Chicago teams have considered themselves contenders and have elected to keep their starting shortstops. Since the Mets didn’t spend on a shortstop they didn’t have to clear Murphy’s salary.

Are the Mets better off with Daniel Murphy or a starting shortstop?

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – In response to your question, Murphy is the known “quantity” in this prevailing scenario ever since the Wilpons failed to retain Jose Reyes following the 2011 season so they should keep him. This ball club has been mishandled by principally Fred Wilpon ever since he became the sole owner of the Mets. As for Jeff, I really can’t blame him nearly as much. Its a “like father like son ” scenario” irrespective of the fact that he is not qualified to be the coo, so to speak, of any MLB team much less a major market team in NYC like the Mets. This team needs to draft well, know when and which available free agents can best help this club and then sign them and they need to retain their best players before they become free agents. All that takes money, smart management and a burning desire to do what it takes to win. The Dodgers are currently pulling out all of these stops to build a winner. The Giants and Red Sox show incredible resilience in re-building a winner and re-establishing a winner in short order and the Cardinals have a long successful track record in maintaining a play off presence year after year. These front offices apparently know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Whereas Fred is apparently is way over his head when it comes to know what is best for his ball club. So, the Mets need to do much more than simply retaining Murphy. They need to go to the school on how to be a successful and fan appreciated ownership in NYC and immediately put into practice what they have learned real fast. Thanks for writing, Mike Young

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike all of what you said is true and said very well. However I’m not going to put all the blame on the Wilpons even though this team has a payroll under mid market clubs like the Royals and Twins.

      Sandy deserves some of the blame as well. As well as he has done in trades to get prospects for the Mets not one player Sandy has drafted in his 4 years as Met GM has reached the majors and that is a major problem. Ideally that changes in 2015. Thanks for the comment as always Mike!

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