Mets Best fit at Shortstop is Jed Lowrie

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman Spring 2013 014

On a day that the Mets crosstown rivals filled their shortstop hole, Sandy Alderson and company continue to try and solve their infield dilemma. The team searched the trade market and were told players such as Didi Gregorius, who was traded to the Yankees Friday morning, would cost a top pitching prospect such as Noah Syndergaard. The Mets elected that trading Syndergaard was too big of a price for a player that has offensive question marks going forward.

Alderson plans on waiting out the shortstop market, hoping to get an everyday option some time in January when the prices come down.

If that is the Mets strategy than the best option is free agent shortstop Jed Lowrie. Lowrie, 30, is coming off a down season with the Athletics. The Mets had interest in Lowrie last winter but the infielder was coming off a career year in 2013 and his price tag in trade talks was considered high.

Lowrie is a free agent for the first time in his career. In my opinion he is without much of a market with so many shortstop position filled now throughout the game and is looking to play everyday to reestablish his value so he can get back on the market next winter as a 31-year old. Lowrie also doesn’t come with draft pick compensation attached to him. Lowrie appears to be the best hitter left on the free agent market as well as the trade market.

The best fits for Lowrie seem to be the Mets or returning to Oakland.

The Mets can likely get Lowrie in January on a one year deal and have him along with Wilmer Flores compete for the shortstop position. Both have experience at second base as well as third so the loser of the competition can be the backup infielder. Lowrie seems to be the best hitter left on the free agent market that can play shortstop. He has a pair of 15 homer seasons on his resume and is versatile enough to play around the diamond if the Mets elect Flores is the better option at short.

The switch hitting Lowrie is definitely a hitter to keep an eye on as a Met fan.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – If Lowrie is the best fit for the Mets then why wait until January? Get him now before it is too late because another team went out and got him first. Either the Mets want him or they don’t. They didn’t wait on Cuddyer this year or Granderson last year. Why now the hesitancy over a SS? If the Mets are waiting for Godot – it seems as they usually do – it should surprise no one especially their fans when Godot never actually arrives and then the Mets continue to remain mired in their procrastinate mediocrity. Thanks, Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike you were right on this one as Lowrie went to the Astros on a three year deal under $8 million a year. I thought he would have been a good fit here but I doubt the Mets were going to offer him more than a one year deal. It is looking more and more likely that Flores will be the shortstop.

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