Does an Andre Ethier trade make sense for the Mets after all?

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Hot Stove, Opinion
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By Steven Inmanimages

The Mets enter the offseason in dire need of another bat, preferably for the outfield to go with Curtis Granderson who can play either corner as well as the gold-glover Juan Lagares.

The team strongly liked Michael Cuddyer for that role in the outfield but he was offered a $15.3 million qualifying offer. It isn’t known yet if the former All-Star will accept such a deal with the Rockies (he absolutely should) but either way, the Mets are now out of the running for the 2013 NL batting champ. The Mets would have to give up the 15th overall pick in the 2015 draft for any player that rejects a qualifying offer which at this time the team is unwilling to do.

The team is much more likely to engage in a trade for an outfielder but Sandy Alderson and company are highly reluctant to trade top pitching prospects such as Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz for a bat.

One player, who will appear on the trade market this winter and can be had for little more than salary relief, is Dodgers OF Andre Ethier.

Ethier, 32, has played with the Dodgers for his entire 9-year career but is coming off his worst season as a major leaguer. The outfielder hit .249 with four homers and 42 RBI in 380 PA last season. He mainly came off the bench and barely played in the second half of the season. With Joc Pederson looking ready for full time work in the Dodgers outfield as well, L.A. may not even have room for Ethier on the bench.

The two-time All-Star would have been traded years ago if it wasn’t for his large contract. Ethier is due $53.5 million over the next three seasons plus a $17.5 million vesting option for 2018. The Mets, along with the rest of baseball won’t touch that contract but if the Dodgers were willing to pay a hefty total of that to free up a spot on the roster; Ethier would make a fine left-handed outfield option for the Mets.

New General Manager Andrew Friedman has no attachment to Ethier and could be looking to dump him elsewhere before the calendar year ends. He certainly wouldn’t cost a top prospect like Syndergaard or Matz.

Ethier is definitely an upgrade in left field for the Mets who got virtually nothing out there for a majority of the season. Plus Ethier has hit double digit homers in eight of his nine big league seasons. He is young enough (33 in April) to be a bounce back candidate at a discount.

But Is Andre Ethier enough of an upgrade for the Mets outfield?

  1. Jose says:


  2. Mike Young says:

    Steve – The only deal that makes sense to me is the best possible deal that Sandy Alderson can make. The best deal does not and should not include either Steve Matz or Noah Syndergaard. Possibly Montero but it better be for a difference maker. The Dodgers are riding high. They see themselves as a now team with the highest pay roll in all of MLB. Why should the Mets give them one of their prized prospects for a player that the Dodgers no longer want. If they want to give us Puig for either Marz, Syndergaard or Montero and he actually helps the Mets then who can argue. But you know that ain’t happening. Sandy has got to be smart, creative and lucky to get the one player that will make a difference for the Mets in 2015. Otherwise, stand pat rather than make another useless deal or signing like Chris Young or Andres Torres. Players like that will not help the Mets. Apparently, Andre Ethier is a player like the two player that I just mentioned. Thanks, Mike

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