With new hitting coach, Mets must now alter hitting philosphy

Posted: October 28, 2014 in News, Opinion
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indexBy Steven Inman 

The Mets hired Kevin Long to be their new hitting coach a few days ago. Long was fired as the Yankees hitting coach after the Yankees failed to make the playoffs for the second straight season. Long has a similar offensive philosophy to Sandy Alderson (which is why he was hired) and that is to work long at bats, draw walks and get the starter out of the game as soon as you possibly can.

That theory has had mixed results with the Mets over the past few years to say the least and in my opinion the Mets should scrap it.

Met hitters take far too many hittable strikes which results in a lot of strikeouts and situations where hitters are behind in the count, having already taken the best pitch of an at-bat.

The problem with the Mets philosophy is that yes, they are getting the starters out in the 6th inning at 110 pitches but middle relievers now are better than they ever have been. Most teams don’t want the starter out because a hitter would rather face for example a tiring Jason Vargas his third time through the order than the Brandon Finnegans or Kelvin Herreras of the world.

The Mets shouldn’t stop walking by any means but they must be more aggressive especially early in the count if they want to be more successful offensively. Ideally Kevin Long can help them with this in 2015.


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