Nick Markakis doesn’t make much sense for the Mets

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Hot Stove, Opinion
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By Steven Inman index

The Mets will be actively searching for another outfield bat this winter but free agent to be Nick Markakis isn’t a great fit. For one, Markakis is an older player (31 this November) and is looking for a big payday. It is likely a contender will give the Glen Cove native a four-year contract at a salary of at least $10 million a year. The Mets already have an offensive player like Markakis, his name is Daniel Murphy.

2014 Season Statistics

Daniel Murphy                  Nick Markakis

143         G                             155

.289        AVG                       .276

.734        OPS                        .729

9              HR                          14

57           RBI                         50

Pretty similar? We think so.

The Mets will shop Murphy this winter to save on his expected $8.5-9 million salary so why would they give an older player with similar numbers a long-term deal for even more money?

Answer: They won’t.

Markakis doesn’t have the power that the Mets are looking for and they don’t need a more expensive Daniel Murphy. The team is much better off trading a pitching prospect or two to acquire a young, inexpensive bat like Oscar Tavares or Addison Russell.


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