Yoenis Cespedes could be a fit for the Mets

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Hot Stove, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

BrokeMets received an interesting tweet Wednesday regarding the Mets potential acquisition of Red Sox slugger Yoenis Cespedes. Cespedes could be the bat that could push the Mets into playoff contention but is he a fit?


The Mets will look near and far to add power to their outfield this winter. It will be the team’s #1 priority this offseason and Yoenis Cespedes, now of the Boston Red Sox will be a target for many teams in trade talks this winter. So why would the Red Sox trade their new acquisition? The Red Sox will first try to extend the Cuban Slugger who will be a free agent after 2015. If they are unable to do so they will likely trade him for a piece that can help them in 2015. The Sox hope to contend again next season. The baseball industry doesn’t expect Cespedes to sign an extension this winter.

The Mets have just 38 homers from their outfield this season (half of that from Curtis Granderson) which is 11th best in the National League. The Mets clearly need another bat and Cespedes’ current 22 homers and 97 RBI would fit in nicely for a team that could desperately use a 100 RBI guy. If you remember the 2013 Home Run Derby you would know that Cespedes would have no problem hitting dingers in spacious Citi Field.

Cespedes could provide the protection that David Wright hasn’t had in the lineup since the Carlos Beltran/Carlos Delgado days.

Cespedes, 28, is not a great defender but he makes up for a lack of range with an elite throwing arm.

The Mets would like to move Granderson to left field this winter but a Cespedes trade would surely mean the Grandy Man staying in right field. Cespedes has never started a game in right field in his career. (275 in LF, 75 in CF)

With all that said, Cespedes is not a great fit for Sandy Alderson’s Mets.

Yoenis Cespedes impressed New Yorkers big time at the 2013 State Farm Home Run Derby at Citi Field

Yoenis Cespedes impressed New Yorkers big time at the 2013 State Farm Home Run Derby at Citi Field

First off  the Mets aren’t paying Cespedes the $90-100 million he’ll be seeking as a free agent next winter. Also the Mets are looking for power but they are also looking for patience, guys with high on base percentages. That is not Cespedes. The outfielder has an OBP of .300 this season after a .294 OBP last season.

Remember Rusney Castillo, a Cuban outfielder who had never played a major league game at the time of his lucrative contract signed a seven year $72.5 million deal a few weeks ago with the Red Sox. Cespedes has established himself as one of the better run producers in the American League so he will be looking to shatter that $72.5 number. Neither the Mets nor the Red Sox would be willing to pay that.

The main issue for the Mets will be the asking price. The Red Sox would probably want Jon Niese in exchange for the 2-time derby champ. While Niese will be dangled for a bat this winter the Mets should only consider moving him for a inexpensive bat under club control for the foreseeable future.

The Mets should look elsewhere to fill their enormous corner outfield need.

The Cespedes debate is a good one and we encourage all fans to tweet @BrokeMets for the chance to turn good tweets into articles.


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