Juan Lagares is emerging into a star

Posted: September 4, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman index

Juan Lagares is coming off his best game as a major-league player. The centerfielder went 4-4 with a walk and stole two bases. Lagares has played so well that not even Terry Collins can take him out of the lineup.

Based on defensive runs saved Juan Lagares is rated as the best defensive outfielder in baseball. Lagares has a 5.6 WAR according to baseball reference. Usually when a player has a five win season, it means he is an All-Star caliber player.

Lagares’ WAR easily leads the Mets.

Lagares’ 5.6 WAR ranks 9th in baseball and is ahead of players like Troy Tulowitzki and Andrew McCutchen. Keep in mind that Lagares has missed 36 games this season as well so his WAR could be in even higher.

Am I saying that Lagares is as good as those two players? Absolutely not those guys are superstars who can change the game with one swing of the bat. Just keep in mind that Lagares has been great for the Mets this year and as his offensive game continues to improve, the future gold glove winner will emerge as a star.

Lagares reminds me of Carlos Gomez who also came up with the Mets before being traded in a package for Johan Santana. I could see Lagares developing the power that Gomez has, which would make him a complete All-Star player. Lagares’ numbers offensively are by far better than when Gomez was in his second big league season.

The 25-year old Lagares is under Met control through at least the 2019 season and should keep getting better and better.

The Mets have told Juan Lagares they want him to steal more bases to become a better offensive threat. The Mets figure since he can get such good jumps in the outfield, why can’t he get them on the bases.

After attempting just seven steals in his previous 94 games, Lagares has five steals in his last five games.

The sky is the limit for the man his teammates call “King”



  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Juan Lagares is an obvious keeper for the Mets. Shame on the BWAA and the MLB channel good old boys if they continue to disrespect the Mets by not voting him a gold glove and start talking real positives about him as a center fielder with a WAR that can not be ignored. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      I would be shocked if he doesnt win the gold glove this year. Just keep in mind that MLB Network doesnt vote on these awards, players and coaches do and the trend has always been that you have to hit at a certain level to be awarded a gold glove. Lagares has hit enough and his defense is so much better than anyone else that it would be hard for anyone not to vote him a gold glove and perhaps even the platinum glove which goes out to the best defender regardless of position.

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