Dilson Herrera gaining valuable big league experience

Posted: September 4, 2014 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Tim Teufel and the rest of the Mets coaching staff will be working extra hard to turn Dilson Herrera into a capable second basemen this month

Tim Teufel and the rest of the Mets coaching staff will be working extra hard to turn Dilson Herrera into a capable second basemen this month

It has been a very up and down beginning to Dilson Herrera’s big league career with the Mets. The youngest player in the big leagues hit his first big league homer Monday but has three errors on pretty routine plays in his first five big league games.

Herrera has shown a quick bat but is definitely a work in progress at second base like his predecessor, Daniel Murphy. Speaking of Murphy, the All-Star is not expected back anytime soon so Herrera will continue to play every day at second base.

Herrera can only get better with each big league game he plays. The Mets hope that he shows them enough offensively and defensively to plug him in as the everyday second basemen next year. BrokeMets has been reporting all year that the Mets are unlikely to pay Murphy’s $8.5-9 million in arbitration this winter and are far more likely to trade the second basemen.

Herrera is still just 20-years old and he should get much better defensively which is why it is so important that the Mets were able to get him playing time in what has become a lost season.

If the Mets can solve second base next season at the league minimum, that would give them a much better chance at filling their holes at shortstop and left field this winter.

Herrera is definitely a storyline to watch for the Mets for the remainder of the season.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Your article is right on. This is the way of the Mets. To continuously manage for the proverbial future because that is less costly than managing to win now. I admit that a young winning team is more exciting, at least to me it is, than an old team of expensive free agent players whose best days are already behind them. However, until their strategy bears results the way of the Wilpons continues to be a pipe dream that goes the way of so much smoke. If the Nationals go all the way this year then every NL eastern division team will have won a World Series (the Marlins two) since 1995 except the Mets who haven’t won since 1986. If they trade Murphy it had better be to make the Mets a better team and not just to continue to tread the already too familiar waters of mediocrity. Thanks for the post, Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike great comment. I didnt even realize that every team would have won in the NL East except the Mets. Wwitrh Murphy now back just appreciate the time we did have with him before he goes to a “bigger market team” I do think Herrera will be a good ballplayer though.

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