Moving Travis d’Arnaud to left field makes no sense

Posted: August 29, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanTravis d'Arnaud

Terry Collins told reporters Thursday that the Mets have had internal concussions about moving Travis d’Arnaud to left-field. Again these talks were just floated out there and aren’t likely to happen anytime soon. If that did occur however it would be a major mistake.

Travis d’Arnaud is batting .230 with a .292 OBP with 12 dingers and 32 RBI. He has dramatically improved from a dismal start but he has cooled off recently. While his numbers are okay for a catcher, they would be considered to be some of the worst among all left fielders.

His number would improve someone by moving out from behind the plate but likely not enough to justify playing in a corner outfield spot.

The reason why this was brought up (in an excellent article by the Daily News) is that d’Arnaud has already suffered at least four concussions and is only 25 years old. Obviously catchers are far more likely to receive concussions than any other position on the field but they are freak plays and there really isn’t a way to prevent them other than simply moving him off the position. Somebody is going to have to catch and if d’Arnaud continues to show improvements with the bat he can be a fine offensive catcher.

One Mets person told Andy Martino of the Daily News “We could be one bad foul tip from losing him for a long time.”

Obviously with Kevin Plawecki in the minors and playing well the Mets have the option of trading one of their catchers this off-season which is why it makes even less sense for Terry Collins to be talking publicly about moving Travis off the plate. All that would do is potentially lower his value.

D’Arnaud has really turned his season around but he wouldn’t hit enough to justify being an everyday outfielder. Also the Mets rookie catcher has never played the outfield professionally so how do we know he would be able to play out there. The last thing the Mets would need is another young player trying to learn a new position when the team is supposed to be contending.


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