Mets Deserve Credit for picking Lucas Duda over Ike Davis

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Opinion
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Photo by Metsblog

By Steven Inman

While a lot has gone wrong in yet another mid 70’s win campaign for the Mets, a lot has also gone right and that all starts with Lucas Duda. Duda came into the 2014 season in hopes of winning the first base job over Ike Davis. Nothing was decided by the Mets even after Spring Training except that Duda would no longer be playing the outfield.

The Mets started the season with three first basemen all going to split time. Duda, Ike Davis and Josh Satin all struggled out of the gate and a decision on the position was well over due.

The Mets made the decision to trade Ike Davis on April 18th in basically a salary dump and Duda was named the starter. We did a poll in December and only 18 percent of readers believed the Mets should trade Davis, not believing he needed a change of scenery. Well it turns out that Mets were right about their Davis/Duda dilemma even if it did take them some time to decide on it.

The 28-year old Duda has blossomed into one of the better power hitting first basemen in the National League this season. Duda is hitting .255 with 26 homers and 76 RBI with an OPS of .848, by far the highest on the Mets. Duda is 3rd in the National League in homers entering Thursday.

Make no mistake about it, Duda not having to worry about his defense anymore in the outfield definitely has impacted his offense in a very positive way.

Duda has 23 homers in the 110 games he has played in since the Davis trade.

Keep in mind that Ike Davis has a.242 average with nine homers in 107 games for the Pirates. Their have been serious discussions in Pittsburgh about making Pedro Alvarez the full time first basemen for the Pirates.

The Mets still have control over Duda for three more seasons after this one as a Super Two player. Expect Duda to get a hefty raise on his 2014 salary that is a tick over $1.6 million but he should still be a bargain for our beloved BrokeMets.

Sandy Alderson had a rough offseason but he and his staff deserve enormous credit on their patience leading to the emergence of Lucas Duda.

Now don’t get me wrong Duda is not a complete player. He doesn’t hit left-handers at all (.148 BA) and is still a very streaky player but he makes the Mets winter a whole lot easier knowing the team doesn’t need to think about addressing first base.

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    Well said !

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