The Mets should unload Bartolo Colon

Posted: July 11, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

There has been a lot of talk this week questioning whether the Mets should be sellers at the Trade Deadline in a few weeks. It seemed like a no brainer a week ago but after a season high 4-game winning streak, fans are skeptical that it is time to waive the white flag. I’m not here to tell you the season is over and that they need to unload everyone with a contract. I am here to tell you it is time to unload Bartolo Colon.

Bartolo Colon has had a solid first half for the Mets. The 283 pound right-hander is 8-8 with a 3.99 ERA in 18starts this season. He has saved the Mets bullpen on numerous occasions.  Colon has gone at least seven innings in 12 of his 18 starts this season. Case in point the other day, Colon gives up a four spot in the first inning vs. the Texas Rangers and winds up going seven innings giving up five runs. It looked like an awful day ahead and although the Mets lost that game, he saved the bullpen and they were able to get the job done the next day to win the rubber game.

That being said the Mets must trade Colon this month.

Colon would have some appeal to many contenders but the Mets wouldn’t get much back for the 41-year old. It would be more of a salary dump.

The Mets have many options for next year that currently don’t have rotation spots such as Matt Harvey and Rafael Montero.  More importantly believe it or not the Mets payroll isn’t going up from its current $87 million payroll. The team will get Chris Young’s $7.25 million off the books but arbitration raises to many key players will wipe that salary relief out and then some. The team must move Colon’s $11 million salary to even think about upgrading the Mets this offseason.

Can you imagine the Mets going with this same team next season??? Neither can I and that’s why they must trade Colon.


  1. frank says:

    Nice post Steve. Thanks.

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