Daniel Murphy voted Mets lone All-Star representative

Posted: July 6, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Daniel Murphy is heading to Minnesota next week for the All-Star game

Daniel Murphy is heading to Minnesota next week for the All-Star game


The All-Star rosters were officially announced on ESPN at 7pm Eastern Time. The Mets were represented by Daniel Murphy. It was the first time since 2003 that the Mets had just one All-Star. That was also a rough year for the Mets as they were represented by just Armando Benitez.

David Wright finished second in the NL 3B vote but wasn’t elected in despite four third basemen getting in. Aramis Ramirez who has missed time on the DL was elected the starter for the first place Brewers, Todd Frazier, who has been the best 3B in the NL this season also got in. Matt Carpenter who is having a down year along with utility man Josh Harrison are also third basemen who will be going to Minnesota.

Wright didn’t have a strong year but he’s a better choice than Harrison or Carpenter. The Mets being as bad as they are record wise really hurt Wright as well as Jon Niese’s chances.

Niese wouldn’t have played anyway since he was officially put on the DL today. It was no surprise that Niese was put on the DL but the Mets wanted to wait to make the move to see if Dillon Gee would be ready to pitch Wednesday which he will.

It is disappointing that the Mets have only one All-Star? Perhaps a little but they didn’t exactly have a bunch of deserving chances.

With four guys who can play third already on the NL roster it is unlikely Wright will make the team even if he gets hot this week and injuries occur. Niese won’t make the team either as an injury replacement since he is already injured.

Congrats to Daniel Murphy on his first career All-Star selection. Murphy was shocked to hear the good news from Terry Collins. “I’m very excited, but the word I’d use is humbling,” Murphy said. “And the other word is blessed.”Murphy told reporters after the Mets 8-4 win vs. the Rangers.

Murphy was picked as an alternate by NL manager Mike Matheny not by the players. Matheny made some questionable roster choices but not having a second Met wasn’t one of them.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Congratulations to Daniel Murphy. He has always been a huge favorite among Mets fans and deservedly so for many reasons. In 2014 he has blossomed as a legitimate professional hitter. And at second base! In 1964 I was 13 when Ron Hunt was the first Met ever to be voted in as an All Star. The headlines read, “Who else but the Mets Hunt!” Edguardo Alfonzo was the next All Star Mets second baseman – he could do it all and was the second baseman on the Mets 1999 “best infield ever.” Now Dan Murphy is, like them, a Met to remember, I hope the Mets re-sign him because he is a keeper. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike it’s been a wonderful year for Murphy but if you look at the numbers it truly isn’t that far off from his career numbers. Murphy is a good/great player who won’t break the bank and it would behoove the Mets to keep him. Thanks for the comment!

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