Daniel Murphy running out of time with Mets

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

As the losses continue to pile up as the team struggles to hit, their offensive issues may get worse in the near future. It looks more and more likely that Daniel Murphy won’t be with the club in 2015, his last year before free agency. Murphy is due to make around $8-9 million next year in arbitration in 2015, a price that the Mets believe isn’t acceptable for their budget. Sandy Alderson has been critical of Murphy’s OBP the past few seasons and has openly attempted to move the potential all-star the past couple off-season’s.  Murphy’s .359 OBP currently leads the Mets.

In today’s game $8 million isn’t much, heck Chris Young is making $7.25 million to not hit this year.

Unfortunately with the Mets falling out of the race a little earlier than normal this season, perhaps the team would look to move the 29-year old at the deadline to a team in contention. Murphy is having one of his best seasons statistically and fangraphs believe he has been slightly ABOVE AVERAGE defensively this season. Murphy also leads the National League in hits with 79 and has been the Mets best offensive player in 2014.

Murphy has gotten hot recently too. In his last 42 games Murphy has hit .318 with a .386 OBP with 4 homers and 13 doubles. Murphy is the only left-handed hitter the Mets have had in the past decade or so that could actually hit lefties. Murphy in his career is a .280 hitter vs. lefties in 653 career at bats including a strong .339 vs. southpaws in 2014.

The Mets should extend Murphy as he and David Wright have been the only Mets offense the past few years. His perception around the league is that he still isn’t much of a second basemen defensively so they should be able to lock him up cheaper than you might think. Murphy loves New York and would be open to an extension but the Mets have no plans of keeping him long-term.

The baseball industry knows very well that Murphy is available which likely will hurt what the team can get for Murphy. He will garner interest at the trade deadline but if I had to guess Murphy won’t be moved until the winter. Teams that could be interested in Murphy this summer or winter include the Giants, the Padres (they love Murphy), the Rangers and yes those New York Yankees.

The Mets don’t have the money to replace Murphy’s production so the offense could actually be even worse in 2015 than it is this year. Murphy has been a great player for the Mets who won’t break the bank wherever he winds up. It’s going to be a shame to lose a kid that came through the minor leagues in this manner. This one might get rough Mets fans…..

  1. Fred Brunner says:

    I will always give him respect in what he does, he is one of my top hardworking players who will do things better down the road. Even if he exits my team.

    • Steven Inman says:

      Fred, it’s a shame because Murphy is a guy who always gives 100 percent and has Ben willing to play any position the mets ask of him. Not all big leaguers would have been willing to move from 3b to LF to 1B to 2b

  2. Ryan says:

    The Mets have become the San Diego Padres. Worst owners in MLB.

    • Steven Inman says:

      Ryan the Padres are a team that has really wanted Murphy the past few years actually. I don’t know if they would pay him on a four year deal worth around 35-40 million that he would probably get in free agency though.

  3. Jordan Frank says:

    Just ridiculous. Alderson (and the Wilpons, but that wont happen) is the one who has to go. This guy has been comfortable for way too long while he should be poor and jobless. Citi Field is a ballpark meant for pitching, speed and guys who hit for average… NOT power (directed at Young and Granderson signings). Murphy is one of the few Mets near a 300 avg every year and fans love him. Just another big UGH from a poorly, maybe the worst, run franchise

    • Steven Inman says:

      Jordan Murphy is one of the few guys the Mets have had to try and mold his game to citi field. He’s clearly not a 20 homer guy but he continues to hit for a high average near the top of the lineup. He continues to increase stolen bases every tear. The mets don’t realize how difficult it’s going to be to find a second basemen a very difficult position to fill these days. Remember before this Luis Castillo was the teams 2b

  4. Marcus says:

    Oh I can see the headline now…The Mets have traded murphy for 2 minor leaguers and a player to be named later…what a waste

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