The Mets should cut Chris Young

Posted: May 29, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanChris Young

Sandy Alderson had a plan last winter in free agency to bring in guys with a ton of upside. If they performed well, they would be worth their price tags. That plan has worked out miserably so far and it starts with OF Chris Young. Young started the year on the disabled list and hasn’t hit a lick since becoming a Met. Young was signed last winter by Alderson to a 1-year $7.25 million deal. The right-handed outfielder has gone on to hit .195 with a .283 OBP in 136 plate appearances with the Amazins.

Young has been used mostly as a defensive replacement this week as Terry Collins looks for more offense. The issue with that is Young isn’t a good outfielder anymore and really has no business being in the major leagues anymore. The Mets should designate Chris Young for assignment.

Young was an all-star caliber player in Arizona until April 17th, 2012. Young caught a fly ball at Chase Field and crashed hard into the center field wall. Young hit the ground and barely moved for several minutes, his shoulder seriously injured. Since that point Young is hitting under .220 in nearly 1000 at bats. Young used to be a guy who would hit .250-.260 hit 25 homers and drive in 90. “I do think about that day when I hit wall and what my career path may have been had I not done that,” Young said. “But at the same time, you can’t really regret playing the game. Those are the type of things that come with playing.” Young told the Arizona Republic when the Diamondbacks came to town last week.

It is a really unfortunate story as Young is still only 30 but he has not been the same player since that injury. If he had not gotten hurt and was still playing well then he wouldn’t have been a Met anyway. He likely would have been out of their price range or even still with the Diamondbacks.

Young has been below replacement level on both offense and defense this season according to WAR. He should be designated for assignment as the team could just use Matt Den Dekker as a defensive replacement and save a roster spot. Not Sandy Alderson’s best work here….

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Your recommendation makes sense. However, the same could have been said about Jason Bay. Do the Mets keep players like Bay & C Young on the MLB roster because of their salaries or do the keep them where they are because their contracts prohibited or prohibits a demotion to AAA? Mike

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