Mets need to avoid overusing Carlos Torres and Scott Rice

Posted: April 21, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inmanimages

The Mets bullpen has been rightfully criticized so far in this young season. The bullpen has been amongst the worst in baseball. Another problem could be brewing and that is the overuse of the Mets two best relievers, Carlos Torres and Scott Rice. Torres is tied for the lead in baseball with 10 appearances out of the bullpen. Those appearances are often for more than one inning including an eight out save vs. the Diamondbacks last week. Torres has a rubber arm but this workload will not help him this summer. Torres had an ERA of 1.54 going into Monday’s contest and has easily been the Mets best reliever. Terry Collins needs to limit his work load.

Rice came into the season already overworked from 2013 according to Collins. He also has made 10 appearances like Torres although only in 4 1/3rd innings. For both pitchers to be effective all season the Mets must find other relievers to get key outs going forward.

Also while the Mets starting staff has been good, they have not been able to go deep in games, further depleting the bullpen.

Who can step up for in the Mets bullpen?

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – I just now finished watching the Mets beat the Cards 2-0 with Farnsworth getting the save. I come downstairs to check my computer and what do I see but your latest article about the Mets over using Rice and Torres. Both of these pitchers took over for Mejia (who was great tonight) and held the slim 2-0 lead to give Farnsworth the save opportunity tonight. What timing on your part! Did you write this article during the eight inning of tonight’s game? Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      The article was done right after the first inning Mike so I’m glad it came out to prove my point. It reminds me a lot of what the Mets had with Fernando Nieve a few years back. Nieve was unbelievable out of the pen for Jerry Manuel but was overused as “everyday Nieve” He was burnt out by the end of the summer and never really reestablished himself in the majors since.

      Im worried if the Mets cant find other relievers to produce in those middle innings that the same thing that happened to Nieve will happen to Carlos Torres. Thanks for the comment Mike!

      • Mike Young says:

        Steve – Don’t forget “Perpetual” Pedro Feliciano who after several years of leading the Mets and or the NL in appearances signed with the NYY and was soon after that out for the season prompting Brian Cashman to blame the Mets for “over using” Pedro during the prior season. The Mets apparently have a penchant for over using relievers because they typically only carry one LHP in the BP while the rest of the pen is usually below MLB standards. Mike

      • Steven Inman says:

        Mike you are spot on here. The Mets have overworked many relievers and none have really recovered after leaving the team. (Feliciano, Brydak etc) -Steve

  2. josh says:

    maybe calling up Vic Black would relieve some of the demand for Torres and Rice. I’d send down Familia – regardless of whether he can pitch successfully, Collins doesn’t seem to be willing to use him much more than once a week, which makes him pretty much useless (especially with Dice-K now in long relief).

    • Steven Inman says:

      Josh I really felt like Familia was going to have a big year for the Mets bullpen but he simply can’t throw strikes and has been moved into the long man kind of role. As you pointed out Dice-K has now taken that role from him as well.

      I really like Vic Black he has a good arm and has the best chance of thriving as the team’s closer among the relievers on the 40-man roster. If Black keeps pitching well at Triple-A he should be back up soon. Thanks for the comment Josh!

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