Bobby Parnell out indefinitely, bullpen in major trouble

Posted: April 1, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

The Mets will need to find someone to get outs in their bullpen immediately

The Mets will need to find someone to get outs in their bullpen immediately

The Mets have announced that Bobby Parnell has a partially torn elbow ligament (MCL) and is out indefinitely. The closer will attempt to rehab the injury but first will be shut down for two weeks. This is a complete disaster. It was obvious that Parnell wasn’t healthy watching him throw yesterday and a bad bullpen gets worse without their closer, possibly for the year. Rehabbing a torn elbow ligament rarely ever works if ever and there is a legitimate chance that Parnell has thrown his last pitch for the Mets.

Parnell had nothing on his fastball on Opening Day and it was smart of the Mets to give him an MRI, even if it was a few weeks later than it should have been. Parnell likely needs surgery but will attempt to rehab the injury first. Remember Matt Harvey tried to rehab a similar injury as well and winded up undergoing Tommy John surgery.

Jose Valverde will now become the closer with Kyle Farnsworth being added to the 25-man roster. It is unknown if either pitcher has anything left in the tank, let alone can close out games. Best of luck Bobby….

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – It doesn’t look good for Parnell or the Mets. Black was a bust in ST and now there is another bump in Parnell’s long and winding road to establish himself as a legitimate MLB closer for the Mets. Frankly, it seems like the Mets have waited on Parnell far too long. Apparently, he is still under contract so this should be his last hurrah. Then it will be time to get a legitimate closer. As for Farnsworth he was also a bust in ST and the reason he is back with the Mets is because 29 other MLB teams completely passed on him. In the meantime, ninety wins doesn’t look feasible to me with this BP. Thanks again, Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Remember Mike, Parnell is arbitration eligible so if he doesn’t pitch this season they wouldn’t give him a raise in arbitration but would much rather non-tender him and save the $3-4 million. They are in a tough spot right now

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