Mets get discouraging loss on Opening Day

Posted: March 31, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Bobby Parnell couldn't convert the save for the Mets on Opening Day  Photo by NY Daily News

Bobby Parnell couldn’t convert the save for the Mets on Opening Day
Photo by NY Daily News

The Mets started off their season well with a three-run homer in the first inning from Andrew Brown who was filling in for the injured Chris Young, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Nationals. The Mets fell 9-7 in 10 innings. A strong start from Dillon Gee and three homers from the offense were not enough to overcome a struggling bullpen.

Sandy Alderson has been in charge of the Mets for four years now and the bullpens he has put together have always been the worst or close to the worst in baseball. That is actually really hard to do. Somehow this pen may be even worse than in years past. We wrote in our Mets season preview that this bullpen would wind up ending their season eventually but they looked even worse than originally thought today. You can check out that Mets preview here.

Bobby Parnell is a major concern as he used to throw 97-100 mph and today was just 89-93 and seemed to have trouble putting away hitters. He had the Mets one strike away from winning the game several times but just couldn’t shut them down. His velocity is a major concern for this team as Parnell is simply not 100% right now. He can’t be effective without throwing hard.

Jose Valverde and Gonzalez Germen were the only relievers in the entire Mets pen to not get bombed and Germen didn’t even pitch.

The other concern is the high amount of strikeouts this Mets team had today. Part of that is because of Stephen Strasburg but everyone in this lineup today is a high strikeout player. It is another cause for concern. The Mets had 30 outs to play with today and struck out in 18 of them. The opponent cannot make many mistakes when you aren’t even challenging their defense.

It is only one game but these two issues will continue to plague the Mets all season and they don’t seem to have any answers internally for them.

There were some positives on Opening Day as well with Juan Lagares looking great at the plate including the go ahead homer at the time in the 8th inning. If he could just hit .275 he will be a star. Also David Wright had three hits including a two run homer. Valverde got three strikeouts in his 1.1 innings of work. Lastly Dillon Gee looked very sharp but had one inherited runner score thanks to the bullpen not throwing strikes.

The Mets will try again for their first win of the year with Bartolo Colon facing Gio Gonzalez.

Do you think today’s game will be a trend or just a coincidence?

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Today the Mets had clutch hitting, three leads that they couldn’t hold and close on and 18 strike outs. I loved the sign, “90 To Go.” Until the Mets get a lock down BP winning 90 is impossible. Parnell does not look like a lock down closer since his injury. Even before the injury he looked like he was still finding his way. If it wasn’t for the Mets keeping and Izzy teaching him the knuckle curve 2 seasons ago he would probably now be out of MLB by now. Valverde, a Tigers cast off, looked like the Mets best closer today and the best that they have had since K Rod. TC needs to be more like Sparky “Captain Hook” Anderson of the Big Red Machine days. But the 1975 Reds had a real BP that could and more often than not shut the door after guys like Myers or Charlton came in. Today it looked to me like the Mets blew this game and that unless the FO does the unexpected it will be another long season for the fans of the orange and blue. Lets Go Mets! – Thanks, Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike The problem mike is the front office isn’t going to make an external move in April. I don’t think they even could financially if they even wanted to. They are just going to have to figure out how to get people out late in games with what they got but it doesn’t look encouraging. Thanks for the comment!-Steve

  2. Brittius says:

    Here we go again! If not this year… Next year, for sure.
    I turned the game off after the home run making it 5-4, as I knew what would be coming down the pike. At least it’s a valid reason to drink.

    • Steven Inman says:

      Brittius It’s tough to lose games like this especially this early in the season. I don’t know what they can do with Parnell and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them put him on the DL eventually. Thanks for the comment! -Steve

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