Wilmer Flores will play shortstop in the majors if Tejada struggles

Posted: March 24, 2014 in News, Opinion, Spring Training
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By Steven Inman

Wilmer Flores

Photo By ESPN


The New York Mets sent down four players to Triple-A Las Vegas today including INF Wilmer Flores. Flores had a very strong spring with the bat and looked decent enough at shortstop. That being said, the Mets felt like he needed more reps at short since he hasn’t played there in a while before this spring.

Ruben Tejada has looked very shaky offensively and defensively this spring. Tejada badly needed a good spring and it just didn’t happen. The team looked into trade and free agent possibilities and didn’t like what they saw outside the organization. So they gave Flores a few looks at shortstop and were surprised that he looked okay in the field.

All of the pressure is on Ruben Tejada. If he gets off to a 4-40 start in his first 10 or 11 games and Flores is raking in Triple-A, perhaps a switch is made very early in the season. Don’t let the team fool you, they clearly don’t have much confidence in Tejada.

It will also depend on how Mets people feel Flores looks at short in the minors once the season starts.

It is just very disappointing that the Mets #1 need this offseason was a shortstop, and now one week before Opening Day that question continues to loom over this team.

Who should be the Mets shortstop?

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – At this point the Mets have nothing to lose – except Tejada – so why not bring Flores north? Its all about putting the best team on the field and Flores is now the guy. Why can’t Flores get his reps at the MLB level? He is better than Tejada and they need to fill each position with their best guy. The Mets are much to ultra conservative about decisions like this. Likewise Syndergaard belongs in the rotation now. To make him go down is wrong. They should lock up Harvey, Wheeler and Syndergaard ASAP – which means in about one year prior to their first arbitration year of eligibility. Thanks, Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      The problem Mike is that the Mets want Flores to play everyday. They dont want him on the bench and would prefer he get all his kinks out at shortstop at the minor league level.

      I completely agree the Mets should lock up Wheeler and Syndergaard soon. I think Harvey being a Boras guy/injured makes him near impossible to lock up right now.

      • Mike Young says:

        Steve – I completely agree with you on the Harvey and Boras combination. I was actually thinking it as I wrote my comments to this article but neglected to include it in my remarks. Thanks for picking me up on that all important point. Mike

      • Steven Inman says:

        Of course Mike that’s what I’m here for. The Boras Harvey connection will become a problem for this team, just not for awhile.-Steven

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