Mets made right decision sending Syndergaard, Montero down

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Future Mets, News, Opinion, Spring Training
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By Steven Inman

Photo by NY Post

Photo by NY Post

The New York Mets announced their latest round of roster cuts and they included Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero. The two were both very impressive this spring but neither was expected to make the team. In fact Syndergaard basically said he knew no matter how well he pitched, he understood he would still be sent down. “I think no matter how well I threw during Spring Training, I think I still was going to go over to the minor league side regardless” Syndergaard told reporters today.

Could Syndergaard and Montero make the Mets better right now? Of course, however if they just keep them down until the last week of April, the team gains another year of control over them. The two should stay down until after that checkpoint. An extra year of them both is much more valuable than three weeks in April.

The Miami Marlins didn’t agree with that when they called up Jose Fernandez to make his major league debut last April. He pitched 5 scoreless innings against the Mets, in a game the Mets would come back and win on a walk-off. If the Marlins kept their rookie of the year down for just five more days, (one start) they would have an extra year of control over him. The Mets should keep their guys down until after April but not through the Super Two Deadline.

I never understood the whole Super Two Deadline. If a prospect is really that good to keep down for arbitration purposes, then why not attempt to lock up that player early on in their big league career? The Atlanta Braves did just that with Julio Teheran a few months ago which looks like a very smart move now with all of their other pitchers getting hurt. Teheran was just a rookie last year but now is likely to be the Braves Opening Day Starter.

We likely won’t see either Syndergaard or Montero until late June which would be past the Super Two deadline.


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