Jon Niese heading back to the New York for another MRI

Posted: March 16, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanJon Niese

Jon Niese left Sunday’s game vs. the Cardinals with a left elbow injury. Niese believes the elbow injury is not significant. The southpaw indicated he initially injured it 10 days ago in an intrasquad game.

He said the discomfort is in the back of the elbow, not in the vicinity of the forearm ligaments that can lead to Tommy John surgery. He had been taking anti-inflammatory medication for 10 days, and added that the elbow did not pose a problem during his 2014 Grapefruit League debut on Tuesday. It began posing a problem in the second inning Sunday when he hyper extended it on a pitch.

“It’s the back of the elbow, which is good,” Niese said. “I’m almost 100 percent sure it’s nothing serious like Tommy John or anything. It’s just a little discomfort. I wanted to go back out there. It’s something that I could definitely pitch through.

Well this could be a disaster. It seemed like the Mets averted a major crisis when Niese’s last MRI came back clean. The Mets will have to hold their breathe yet again and hope their Opening Day starter can pitch Opening Day.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – It is interesting to me that your latest column should bring up the latest Jon Niese problem. Naturally, I hope that Jon’s arm is OK. Having said that, I read a fan’s comment on one of the Mets blogs or web pages that read in effect that the Mets should have traded Jon to the Jays when they had the chance to get a valuable player or two in return. His point, although in hind sight, is interesting to me because like that same fan also wrote, Jon seems to have an injury every year. This ST he seems to be getting a head start on that already familiar pattern. Another article said, like yours, that Jon is now doubtful for opening day. In my mind that leaves either Colon or Gee as the Mets opening day starter. In my mind both of those guys, provided Colon is ready – he should be – in the next two weeks. This also means, again to me, that the Mets should hold on to all their young pitching prospects like Montero and De Grom because the Mets are sooner or later going to need them both to step up, even if Syndergaard doesn’t make the opening day roster. It also looks like both Dice K and Lannan will end up pitching in the Mets rotation at the same time this season, may be even sooner than we all think. Keep the articles coming. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Will do Mike, I always appreciate the feedback. We will do an article about everyone’s chances of being the Opening Day starter now with Niese out tomorrow after we get back the results of his MRI in New York. Obviously this is disappointing and the Mets badly need Jon Niese to make 30 starts for the Mets if they have any hope of contending this year.

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