Jon Niese heading back to New York for MRI

Posted: February 26, 2014 in News, Spring Training
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By Steven Inmanimages

Jon Niese is heading back to New York for an MRI for discomfort in his triceps area according to multiple media reports. The Mets have yet to confirm this but the decision to send Niese back was made around noon on Wednesday. Obviously this isn’t good but the Mets won’t know the extent of his injury until after the MRI.

Niese was tabbed as Terry Collins’ Opening Day starter last week.

“I wanted to keep it quiet. It’s just a precautionary thing to make sure it’s not worse from last year,” Niese told “I just want peace of mind.”

Hopefully this is only Spring Training dead arm where Niese is just having trouble warming up after the offseason but with Niese’s injury history this is a concern. The Mets need Niese bad to make 30 starts for them so it may be time to hold your breath Mets fans….

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