What should the Mets give up for Nick Franklin???

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inmanimages

The Mets have been reported to be interested in SS/2B Nick Franklin of the Seattle Mariners. According to Adam Rubin of ESPNNY.com Franklin interests the Mets but they are concerned whether or not he could handle shortstop on a regular basis. Rubin also says the Mets discussed a deal for Franklin during the winter meetings in December. Franklin came up as a shortstop but moved to second base after moving to the big leagues. He has pop but got exposed in August and September after failing to adjust to off speed pitching.

I speculated in early December that Franklin would be made available and how he has a ton of upside for a team like the Mets. You can check out that article here. I speculated in that article that an Ike Davis/ Franklin swap would work for both sides. Since then the Mariners have added Corey Hart and Logan Morrison however. They are looking for young pitching in a deal for Franklin.

Franklin, 22, was decent last year defensively at second base but make no mistake about it, he would be a below average defensive shortstop. However he can make a name for himself in New York with his power. Sandy Alderson is actively searching for more power in his Mets lineup and Franklin could hit 20 homeruns in the majors if he is given 600 at bats. In 102 games last year for Seattle the rookie Franklin hit 12 homers with 45 RBI’s.

Franklin is a very confident kid who is a former top prospect. He can handle New York, the question is can he handle shortstop. In a book about the Class-A Clinton Lumberkings, someone asked Franklin about his attitude and he said the following “Some people think that I’m cocky or whatever…But I’m not. It’s just, I’ve never really failed. Why am I supposed to think that can happen when it never does?” Franklin said. Sounds like a kid who can handle New York to me, but the Mets shouldn’t give up a top pitching prospect for him.

The Mets should hold on to the Rafael Montero’s of the world, for now…. The Mets are going to need to keep these prospects for as long as they can in order to get the big bat that they are eventually going to need. (Such as Tulo or Cargo in Denver)

The Mariners don’t have a spot for Franklin right now with Brad Miller at shortstop and Robbie Cano entrenched at second base so the Mets don’t have to overpay with a Montero here. Instead the Mets may get away with a secondary pitching prospect such as Jacob deGrom or Cory Mazzoni.

What would you give up for Nick Franklin?

  1. alexgiobbi says:

    Dillon Gee. Close to his prime years, under team control for four years, and will likely be expendable when Syndergaard and Montero come up.

    • Steven Inman says:

      Alex that would be very interesting.

      Gee is starting to make money in arbitration and could be expendable as all of these young pitchers come up as you said. I think the Mets would prefer to keep Gee for 2014 because they need his innings but Gee as a trade chip could come into play in the nearby future. Thanks for the comment!

  2. alexgiobbi says:

    Also, I have that book that you’re referring to. Excellent read. If Franklin comes to NY, I’m getting it signed by him.

  3. Mike Young says:

    Steve – The Mets are now in FLA preparing for opening day. Early reports indicate that Tejada is being coached by Edguardo Alfonzo and that he is in great shape and that his swing and approach all seem to have already improved dramatically. Of course, we need to see how he looks vs. competitive pitching before we can really say much more. However, he is only 24 so I would like the Mets to see what he has before trading any valuable pitching prospects. Certainly, in my opinion, no pitcher already in the Mets rotation should be traded. Pitching is the MLB’s most valuable commodity and the Mets can not afford to trade the wrong guy and weaken their chances. In my memory, Mets history points to the trading away of Nolan Ryan and Scot Kazmir. No more of that, please. Keep Montero. Keep Dillon Gee. Keep them all. If Tejada can hit 280 as the Mets 8th hitter and play SS like he has shown us in past years then the Mets’ already have what they need without adding Nick Franklin. As always, thanks, Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Yeah Mike I’m with you here, the Mets need to hold on to all of their pitching here. Now with the Jon Niese news, guys like Gee and Montero are as valuable as ever for the Mets. Thanks for the comment!

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