Sandy Alderson needs to squash Matt Harvey’s 2014 return speculation now

Posted: February 10, 2014 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Photo by NY Daily News

Photo by NY Daily News

Matt Harvey has told media outlets that he is working ahead of schedule, recovering from Tommy John surgery and would like to make a return in 2014. Harvey told WFAN this week that his comeback will depend on how he feels and how things are progressing. He added that if there’s a 12-month recovery process, he wants to try to beat it.

“I think for me it would be important to be out there,” Harvey said, “and whether I throw a couple innings in September or not and then have a normal off season where I can go in and know I got some hitters out, struck a few guys out, and get back out there.”

Harvey had surgery on October 22nd. Usually it takes 12-14 months to recover from Tommy John surgery.

When asked about Harvey looking to make a comeback, Sandy Alderson didn’t immediately squash the hype of Harvey coming back, instead saying it was “unlikely”.

If the Mets are relevant in September, Harvey will be asking to come back in 2014. If Sandy doesn’t squash this speculation on a Harvey return now, the fan backlash will be huge if he tries to deny Harvey in September. Instead Sandy should come out now saying Harvey will not pitch in 2014. That should be final.

Obviously the Mets won’t rush Harvey back but they will take a big public relations hit if Harvey says he is ready to go in September and the Mets are 5 games out of a wild card spot, saying he won’t pitch. Just end all the speculation now.

The Mets expect to have Harvey for a very long time so rushing him back for a couple of starts would be foolish. End the speculation now, Matt Harvey will not pitch in 2014. Diamondbacks pitcher Daniel Hudson seemed to have rushed back from Tommy John and now he required the surgery again last summer.

Harvey is an asset that they need to be very careful with. Don’t tease the fans Sandy…


  1. John Sudolsky says:

    Great take on this. Harvey was even going as far in saying he would be ready for opening day before he opted for surgery. Sandy has to put a lid on this guy.

    • Steven Inman says:

      John you’re absolutely right, Sandy needs to come out publicly and say we won’t see Harvey again until 2015, it’s what’s best for Harvey as well as the Mets long term future. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Mike Young says:

    Steve – On the other hand Sandy, in my opinion, shouldn’t squash Harvey’s competitive optimism. In any case, Harvey isn’t coming back until he is ready to pitch again. He will follow his doctor’s advice and he should know his own limitations and how he feels as his rehab progresses. I think that everyone, including the media and the fans, all understand what is at stake here. Harvey will take the mound when he is ready to take the mound and not a moment sooner. Thanks, Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike I would be careful here. As you said, Harvey is a major competitor and if the Mets are over .500 in September he is going to do whatever he can to get back on the mound. The Mets need to protect his arm as he is there most valuable young asset in the organization. He should take it easy and just make sure he will be ready to pitch in 2015. Thanks for the comment! -Steven

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