If Mejia is healthy, 5th spot in rotation is his to lose

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Opinion, Spring Training
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By Steven Inman

Photo By Newsday

Photo By Newsday

If all goes to plan, Jenrry Mejia will be the Mets fifth starter to start the 2014 season. The Mets plan on bringing in another starter on a minor-league deal for depth to compete in Spring Training but the Mets plan is to have Jenrry Mejia win the job in the Spring. Mejia was fantastic in his brief cameo last year and has #2 starter stuff when healthy.

The problem is he is rarely healthy and it is questionable if he would ever be able to pitch close to 200 innings due to his slender frame and violent delivery. Yes guys like Pedro Martinez and Tim Lincecum were able to win Cy Young Awards and anchor pitching staffs despite their sizes but they are once in a generation type pitchers. It remains to be seen what Mejia is.

Mejia is just 24 years old but has been the forgotten Mets prospect the past couple of years because of injuries. Remember he was once the Mets top prospect. If he can just stay healthy through the spring he will be the Mets 5th starter. Mejia gives the Mets some serious upside that they haven’t had from the back of their rotation in some time.

Mejia will compete with a veteran along with Jacob DeGrom for the 5th spot in the Mets rotation. Mejia has only been able to pitch less than 30 innings the past three years for the Mets.

If Mejia gets hurt in May or June that is where Rafael Montero and or Noah Syndergaard come into play but I don’t think either has much of a chance of making the Mets Opening Day roster despite what the Mets say publicly.


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