Chris Coghlan would be a good fit for the Mets bench

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Hot Stove, Opinion

By Steven Inman

Photo by Palm Beach Post

Photo by Palm Beach Post

After non-tendering Justin Turner, Jordany Valdespin and letting go of Mike Baxter, the Mets bench is completely empty at the moment. A number of players that were non-tendered elsewhere would make good fits. One of those players could be former rookie of the year Chris Coghlan. Coghlan was non-tendered by Miami this week. They have interest in bringing him back but Marlins President Mike Hill suggested that Coghlan would need to take a minor league deal to rejoin Miami. He may have better opportunity elsewhere. Coghlan,28, hit .256 with a .318 OBP in 214 plate appearances in Miami last year. With the Mets bench as empty as it is right now, they need to consider guys like Coghlan who have had success in the past.

While Coghlan is a poor outfielder at best, he would probably be the Mets 5th outfielder so he wouldn’t start all that much. the mets have been missing depth players like this for a while because of all the injuries and poor performance they have gotten over the past few years by role players. If Coghlan bounces back the Mets will have control over him for a few years as an arbitration eligible player.

Coghlan hits righties relatively well (.279 compared to .242 against left-handers.) He doesn’t have a ton of pop but he can be what Mike Baxter was for the Mets in 2012 which is a reliable pinch hitter against right-handed relievers late in games. A contract close to the league minimum could get it done if the mets guarantee he will make the team.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Now that its becoming increasingly clear that the Mets are not smart enough, rich enough or good enough to play the free agent game with the rest of the MLB its time for our fearless leaders to start evaluating players released by other teams because they aren’t good enough to play for the team that released them. However, these “cast offs” are all good enough for the Mets so it seems. And if the Mets do catch lightning in the bottle again like they did with Marlon Byrd then next year they will be too good for the Mets who can not afford more than one expensive player, like David Wright, at a time. It looks like things will continue to get worse for the Mets and then like when the team was sold in 1980 things will start to look up again. I only hope that I live long enough to see it happen. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike yes they need to fill out their lineup but they also need to acquire some bench guys. Great teams have a bench filled with guys that can get big hits late in the games. That’s all this post was for that doesnt mean he will play a lot if they signed him. -Steven

  2. David says:

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