Stephen Drew could be last winter’s Michael Bourn

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Hot Stove, Opinion

By Steven Inman

Photo by ESPN

Photo by ESPN

With shortstops flying off the board one name that has stayed a free agent is Stephen Drew. Drew,30, a Scott Boras Client has been looking for a four year deal. It seemed like a forgone conclusion within the industry that Drew would end up on the Cardinals but Jhonny Peralta ended up there, leaving Drew without an obvious destination. The same thing happened to Michael Bourn last year when Atlanta and Philadelphia moved on leaving him stuck without a team until the second week of February. The Mets seemed to be the runner up with Bourn before he went to Cleveland. There is a chance the same happens for Drew. With his demands still sky high Drew is not close to a deal anywhere. The longer he stays on the market, the chances increase for the Mets to get involved here.

Drew was having a nice bounce back season before having an abysmal postseason.

The Mets publicly are saying that they are okay with Ruben Tejada at short everyday next year. I believe they are only saying this because they aren’t confident at this point that they can find a decent replacement. If Drew stays on the market perhaps the Mets get involved because if they don’t have a shortstop by the end of January and he doesn’t have a team by the end of January then perhaps the Mets can get a decent deal here.

Scott Boras has a reputation for finding great deals for his players late in the offseason seemingly out of thin air. Nobody two years ago saw the Tigers signing Prince Fielder for $214 million. So I don’t mean to get Mets fans too hopeful here but the idea that the Mets have already failed to get acquire a shortstop is simply not true.


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