Curtis Granderson could be the start of a Mets turnaround

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Photo by Fox Sports

Photo by Fox Sports

The Mets have reportedly offered free agent OF Curtis Granderson a three-year deal and the two sides could wrap up a deal before the Winter Meetings on Monday. Over the past three or four years the Mets have lacked credibility from agents and players from other teams. Worst off, they have lost credibility from their fans. Curtis Granderson could change all that IF he isn’t the only major move the Mets make this winter.

For the past few months fans have been as down as ever on this franchise. The comments I have gotten from fans were extremely pessimistic that things will turn around anytime soon. People doubt the Wilpon’s ability to spend money. They doubt Sandy’s plan and all of that is perfectly reasonable at this point. If the Mets sign Granderson without completely overpaying him it can be a great start to what could be the offseason that turns the Mets around.

Granderson, 32, would likely make the Mets outfield complete but they still need to bring in a shortstop, likely in trade as well as signing at least one starting pitcher. A pitcher who could give them more length than what they have gotten from the back end of their rotation the past few years.

Granderson gives the Mets some left-handed power. Something the team desperately needs right now and he is probably the best fit left on the free agent market. He also would be a very good fit for this young Met clubhouse. The only other team that I have heard interested in Granderson are the Red Sox.

Granderson is still looking for a fourth year but if he can’t find it he will likely take the Mets deal because from what I am hearing Granderson’s camp wants to remain in New York. If he does get a fourth year elsewhere the Mets may match it. They really like him and have prioritized him over other outfielders like Nelson Cruz.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – If the Granderson that the Mets sign is the same Granderson that hit 40 HRS two years in a row for the NYY then signing him is a no brainer. But they need to do something so why not sign him. If the NYY can sign guys like CC and Tex and still contend why not the Mets? Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Granderson is getting older and potentially moving into a much tougher park so I would be surprised if he hit 40 homers next year. But could he hit 25-30 and protect David Wright? Absolutely. Thanks for the comment Mike

  2. Mike Young says:

    Steve – Your article on Granderson’s chances on coming to the Mets is consistent with a number of other Mets blog writers. This is positive news. The Mets can not stand pat. They will need someone with pop to protect David Wright who now that he has signed his multi year deal should be eager to start the season with something to prove. Some say trade Murphy, who is a fan favorite, for a SS or starter. If they do that then Flores or EY Jr will play second in 2014. If they deal for a pitcher, which is likely, instead of a SS, which is less likely, then Tejada will start with Tovar waiting in the wings. In the meantime, all we can do is continue to wait. Thanks for the articles. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike I get the sense that the Mets view Tovar as anything more than a utility guy at best. As for Murphy, I don’t think it makes sense to trade murph for a shortstop when it just creates a big hole at second. I doubt the mets would give EY or Flores 500 at bats at second as of now. Thanks for the comment!

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