The Jordany Valdespin saga is finally over

Posted: December 2, 2013 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman imagesCAU5LIB2

The story of Jordany Valdespin has mercifully come to an end. Valdespin had a misreable year with the Mets that ended with a 50 game PED suspension. Valdespin,26, wasn’t even eligible for arbitration yet but this is an addition by subtraction move.

This may not be the last non-tender move of the day for the Mets who have until midnight to let go of more arbitration eligible players.

Last July in San Francisco, Valdespin violated Mets team policy by wearing a white undershirt on the team bus to Giants stadium, AT&T Park. All other Mets were wearing collared shirts. A few veteran teammates cut up the shirt during the game, and colored over it with sharpies.Jordany Valdespin

Valdespin went ballistic and nearly fought some of his teammates before Terry Collins broke it up. That was just one of many instances of Valdespin not getting along with some of his teammates.

Valdespin has also had some interesting quotes including “I’m the man right now” after his first big league homer and asking veteran teammates for money saying “I’m a rookie, you have to buy me a suit.” according to Andy Martino of the Daily News.

Valdespin due to his power/speed combo will likely get another chance somewhere on a minor league deal. He hit some clutch homeruns for the Mets but he really isn’t a prospect, doesn’t have a position and never really showed that he could handle any kind of major league breaking ball.


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