Elvis Andrus would be a major mistake for the Mets

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Hot Stove, Opinion

By Steven Inman

Photo by Sports Illustrated

Photo by Sports Illustrated

The Mets hole at shortstop currently is as big as the grand canyon. They seem to have very few options on the free agent market and the trade market looks even grimmer. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports has been reporting that the Texas Rangers, despite trading Ian Kinsler Wednesday, have interest in moving SS Elvis Andrus in the right deal. Andrus, 25, is a premiere defensive shortstop but has a monster contract. Andrus’ 8 year $120 million deal goes into effect after the 2014 season. Andrus is very limited offensively without much extra base pop. I know the Mets need a shortstop but this deal doesn’t make any sense to me for New York. In five full seasons in the big leagues, Andrus has just 18 homeruns. Last year his OBP was just .328 so his power/patience combo isn’t exactly on par with what the Mets are looking for.

The Rangers also don’t want to just give Andrus away, they want a legitimate pitcher or outfielder for him.

Andrus isn’t much better offensively than Ruben Tejada was in 2012. I would rather gamble on Tejada at the league minimum for a year than gamble on the next 8 years of Andrus at $120 million. I don’t see anyone picking up that contract and giving up players without the Rangers eating some of the money. With shortstops at a premium, they can probably move him somewhere. Hopefully it’s not to the Mets.

The Mets best option seems to be SS Jhonny Peralta who won’t get more than 3-4 years in free agency. He is also a much, much better hitter. Even Stephen Drew would be a better fit as he would cost less than half of what Andrus would and is just as good if not better offensively and defensively.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – After seeing Andrus in back to back playoffs prior to 2013 I can say that he doesn’t entice me either. Today there was a report that all Jeff can spend this off season is $25 to $30 million. That kind of low ball figure isn’t going to get much done. The Mets have been standing still in 4th place for 3 years now and 2014 doesn’t appear to be any better with the holes in their porus line up. The fans are way past getting restless as Fred and Jeff continue to sit on their hands while the invisible hand cuffs on Sandy Alderson’s wrists seemingly get tighter and tighter with each passing off season. Something has got to give or the Mets will go belly up because of no fan support to speak of. Don’t they see the grim reaper at their door yet? Are they going down with the ship that they refuse to sell to someone, anyone who wants to see a winner for the NL’s NYC franchise? What have you to say to that? Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Well again, all of what you said is 100% correct IF they don’t spend this winter. I’m hearing they’re close to a deal with a free agent outfielder and they want to bring in two outfielders, a pitcher and a shortstop. If they don’t fill those needs they all the frustration from Met fans will be warranted. Thanks for the comment Mike!

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