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Posted: November 7, 2013 in Future Mets, Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Could Rafael Montero and Travis d'Arnaud be playing against the Mets next year?

Could Rafael Montero and Travis d’Arnaud be playing against the Mets next year?
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Trade talk is starting to heat up and the rumors have swirled about many Mets players being dangled out there in trades. Jeff Wilpon came out the other day saying the only players safe in trades were David Wright, Zack Wheeler, Jon Niese and Dillon Gee. I’m sure he also meant to include Matt Harvey who will miss the entire 2014 season. Keep in mind that Niese has been dangled out in trade talks the last few years so I’m sure the Matt Harvey injury has something to do with him being off the market now.

The Mets are looking for a big bopper in the middle of their lineup. Their preferred choice is Colorado’s Carlos Gonzalez who is a superstar player who doesn’t get all the recognition he deserves because of the hitter friendly ballpark he plays in. The Mets will move just about anyone to get him not named Noah Syndergaard. I’ve been told Syndergaard is about as untouchable as anybody in the organization right now.

The team will move Travis d’Arnaud in the right deal to with catcher Kevin Plawecki in the system. I think that would be a mistake as d’Arnuad is ready to contribute right now and Plawecki doesn’t have a ton of power and is coming off a season where he was in High A ball. He isn’t close to the big leagues. The Rockies have catcher Wilin Rosario around but aren’t thrilled with his improvements defensively and may give him more reps at first and sign a catcher.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa has been reporting on his midday show that the Mets are “committed” to using Lucas Duda at first base next year and Ike Davis will be moved. I can’t find anyone who can confirm that and I continue to believe that the Mets will shop both players and the player with the most trade value will be moved. The other will become the first basemen.

The Mets are going to finally have to pick the inevitable: Davis or Duda?

The Mets are going to finally have to pick the inevitable: Davis or Duda?

The Mets two biggest chips that they seem more than willing to move are RHP Rafael Montero and 2B Daniel Murphy. I think trading either would be a major mistake but they both have value right now.

Montero is ready for the big leagues but may stay down a little longer for service time. He probably has the best command of any pitcher in the minor leagues right now but he projects more as a #3 starter. Keep in mind two years ago Matt Harvey projected as a #3 starter too. He has four pitches that he can throw for strikes at any time and had a strong year between Double A and Triple A.

The Mets have been trying to trade for Murphy for years. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti hinted two winters ago that he thought he had acquired Murphy from Sandy Alderson, a deal which nearly happened. The Mets weren’t getting much back in that deal from the Dodgers either. They considered a deal to send their second basemen to the Tigers for Andy Dirks as well which also would have been a major blunder. They clearly aren’t sold on Murphy and this could finally be the year where they pull the trigger.

The Mets scored just 619 runs this season, 23rd in baseball. Trading one of their two best hitters doesn’t seem to be a move in the right direction yet the Mets continue to tell teams he is available as his price tag increases through arbitration. The Mets have no interest in giving Murphy a contract extension so it remains to be seen if he will remain a Met much longer as he enters his “prime years.”

While guys like Montero, Murphy, and d’Arnaud have good trade value, the Mets have to be careful here. The trio could be in line for big years and it would be very bad if they enjoyed those strong years elsewhere.

Who Should the Mets use as trade bait this offseason?

  1. Mike Young says:

    Stev – Good article. I agree with you on Noah Syndergarrd. Mike Francessa is full of hot air and doesn’t anything except to tear them down, berate them and continue to hope and pray that they never win another championship or ever out perfprm his beloved NYY. I used to listen to him and Chris Russo for years. They made a nice living out of baiting Mets fans and berating anyone or anything to do about the Mets. I hope that now that the Mets are to be broadcast out of WOR instead of WFAN that the Mets organization and their fans distance themselves completly from Mike Francessa and the WFAN program producers that let say whatever he wanted to say about the Mets for years. Don’t forget that the FAN marketed themselves as the “flagship” station for the NYM only to let Francesa run over them rough shod whenever and however he wanted to. Let him glorify the NYY all he wants to now that the Mets are gone and hopefully Mets fans won’t ever listen to him or call him ever again. Then we shall see what his program producers think of him then. Lets Go Mets! Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Personally Mike, I’ve never met Francesa but as someone who dreams of having his own sports radio show in New York City someday soon, I understand that fans appreciate when hosts aren’t biased toward the city’s teams.

      If I’m ever given that opportunity I would never be biased toward the Yankees or the Jets or the Nets, etc. Stations like WFAN do significantly better when both baseball teams are competitive and winning, that’s juts a fact so the idea that there would be a bias from WFAN wouldn’t make a ton of sense for them.
      Appreciate the honesty though Mike

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