Mets moving to WOR

Posted: October 21, 2013 in News, Opinion

By Steven Inmanuntitled

The Mets are close to a deal with Clear Channel Media to have their games broadcasted on the radio station WOR (710 AM), The Mets had been with WFAN for 27 years before splitting apart a few weeks ago. Howie Rose is expected to move to WOR with the Mets but it is unknown at this point if Josh Lewin will move as well. The Yankees will now have their games broadcasted on WFAN.

This to me is incredibly disappointing. I grew up listening to the Mets on WFAN and now that’s all gone. As a Mets fan I wish them the best here on 710 AM. I really hope Lewin joins Rose at WOR. I thought Lewin did a terrific job last year and I was always a big fan of his when he was the TV play-by-play guy for the Texas Rangers a few years ago.

Thoughts on the Mets move to WOR?


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