Mets make first round of roster cuts including Mike Baxter

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Photo by New York Mets

Photo by New York Mets

With the Mets 40-man roster being as cluttered as it is, the Mets made their first round of roster cuts today. The team designated four players for assignment Thursday afternoon. OF Mike Baxter, LHP Robert Carson, RHP Greg Burke and LHP Sean Henn were let go by New York Thursday. The Mets 40-man roster now sits at 36 however the Mets have 8 players on the 60-Day Disabled List and those players must be added back to the 40-man within five days after the World Series ends.

Mike Baxter was a very strong presence on the 2012 Mets bench. He led baseball in pinch hits and had arguably the best regular season catch in New York Mets history. He struggled mightily in 2013 however hitting just .189. Mets front office people still secretly believe that Baxter never recovered from that catch he made in left field to preserve the only Met no-hitter to date. Baxter will tell you that is not the case and he was healthy this year. I still believe Baxter will be a successful part of some contending teams bench somewhere down the road. He was put on waivers by the Mets and was claimed by the Dodgers. No that doesn’t mean he will be in the lineup during the NLCS…

Robert Carson was thought of by the Mets as a possible left handed relief option for 2013. That didn’t happen as he gave up a whopping nine homers in just 19 innings for the Mets this season. He went through waivers as well and was claimed by the Angels.

Greg Burke actually made the Mets out of Spring Training. He struggled mostly despite converting to a new side-arm delivery this year going 0-3 with a 5.68 ERA. Although other stats say he actually pitched better than that. He wasn’t DFA’d he was simply out-righted meaning he won’t become a free agent until after the World Series.

Lastly Sean Henn pitched in just a few games with the Mets and struggled. He went unclaimed by the other 29 teams.

Baxter looks like the only one of the four with a potential major league career still in front of him. There may be plenty more where these cuts came from as the Mets need to open up several more roster spots.

  1. Mike Young says:

    Steve – While the apparently felt Mets felt they had to waive Mike Baxter what I don’t understand is whay an NLCS contending team like the Dodgers have room for him on their roster while the Mets a team that finished 14 games under 500 don’t have room for him on their roster. What am I not understanding here? Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike it’s a very legitimate question that I’ll try to explain. Early December is the rule 5 draft which means Mets prospects such as Corey Vaughn Jacob deGrom, Rafael Montero etc, must be added to the 40 man or they will be claimed by other teams.

      The Mets have done a very poor job of handling their 40 man roster the last few years and with so many guys like Ike Davis and Jenrry Mejia on the 60 day DL, they must be added back to the 40 as well.

      The dodgers had an open spot and must have like Baxter. He won’t play for them this year however and will likely go to spring training competing for a roster spot. This kind if occurance is actually pretty common and more is to come. I would expect Valdespin would be another roster casualty soon.
      Does that answer your question Mike?

      • Mike Young says:

        Yes Steve it does and I thank you. For me, the key sentence in your explanation is,

        “The Mets have done a very poor job of handling their 40 man roster the last few years and with so many guys like Ike Davis and Jenrry Mejia on the 60 day DL, they must be added back to the 40 as well.”

        This is my point in asking the question which is that to be a contending club the Mets must consistently do a better job in managing their 40 man roster as well has drafting smartly, signing whomever they draft, signing free agents that help the club not hinder it and making trades that work for the Mets.

        All of this is the GM’s job and that is what all Mets fans want and need, a competent GM and FO staff.

        One last comment. The last paragraph in your response to me implies that since Mike Baxter presumably won’t make to Dodgers opening day roster then they will have to return him to the Mets. Right? And we all expected Valdespin to be cut. Good luck to him. Thanks again, Mike

      • Steven Inman says:

        Mike two things here: first off most teams 40-man rosters are a mess at this time of the year. The mets won’t do well or struggle next year based off their 40-man roster flexibility. Their in this position because they had so many players on the 60-day DL.

        As for Baxter he won’t be returned to the Mets if he doesn’t make the Dodgers. You are thinking of young players who aren’t on the 40 man who are out of options. Baxter still has one option left I believe but as long as they keep him on the 40 man they could keep him. Baxter’s time with the Mets appears to be over.

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