Travis d’Arnaud is starting to pick it up

Posted: September 27, 2013 in News, Opinion

Photo by Newsday

By Steven Inman

Travis d’Arnaud got off to a brutal start to begin his major league career hitting in the low .100’s. That has changed however over the past two weeks as the young catcher has begun to pick it up. D’Arnaud is 10 for his last 34 and has pushed his average back to .200. Advanced metrics seem to tell the story that Travis has been very unlucky in his 100 big league at bats with a BABIP of .240. That means he is hitting just .240 when he puts the ball in play. The major League average is around .330.

D’Arnaud seemed to begin to pick it up after he has the walkoff RBI single in the 12th inning vs. the Marlins a few weeks ago. After what seemed like a lost year for the catcher, d’Arnaud has gotten about 100 at bats this year but will still be considered a rookie for 2014. (despite having to participate in rookie hazing this week)

The pitching staff have raved about the work he has put in behind the plate and how great of a signal caller he has been in his brief time in the big leagues. It has been a tough go for Travis d’Arnaud but the last two weeks are very encouraging for one of the few guys that are penciled in to a starting job next year. David Wright is locked in as the team’s third basemen, d’Arnaud as the catcher and Daniel Murphy is very likely to be the second basemen barring a trade. Every other position on the Mets is currently up in the air so it is nice to feel a little more comfortable about catcher as the season draws near an end.

  1. Michael Young says:

    Steve – I agree that David Wright, Travis d’Arnaud and Daniel Murphy should all be in the 2014 Mets line up. However, I also believe that because of his speed and RF defense that Eric Young looks like LF should be on the team for 2014 as well. The Mets need him in the lead off position. That leaves first base, short stop, center field and right field as up for grabs. Juan Lagares is the leading candidate for center field – he leads the NL in OF assists and he only played a partial season there. Den Dekker strikes out too much. Baxter, Satin and Turner are bench players and Duda and Ike are the Mets biggest question marks, especially Ike. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike great comment as usual. From what I’ve been told Eric young Jr. as an arbitration elgible player this offseason, will be back next season but most likely as a 4th outfielder. That means one of the players they bring in need to be a leadoff hitter. That could explain their interest in Shin Soo Choo.

      I bet when all is said and done Lagares will be the center fielder next year. He has put up similar numbers to Michael Bourn this season minus the speed, while being the better defensive centerfielder. Plus there doesn’t seem to be a ton available in the CF department. Den Dekker might form a platoon with Lagares or just be his backup depending on how Spring training goes.
      Again thanks Mike!

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