By Steven Inman

In our last BrokeMets post we talked about how Ike Davis and Lucas Duda will be eligible for arbitration this winter. That led to a @BrokeMets twitter question by a fan asking who are the other Mets eligible for arbitration this winter. Well here is the full list.


Despite a rocky start, Dillon Gee is having his best major league season and will get paid for that in arbitration this winter

First Timers

Dillon Gee

Justin Turner

Eric Young Jr.

Lucas Duda

Second Timers

Ike Davis

Daniel Murphy

Omar Quintanilla

Bobby Parnell

Eric Young Jr. will be back as a 4th outfielder next year and won’t make a lot through arbitration. There is a good chance that Quintanilla is non-tendered with the hope of bringing him back in a utility role closer to the league minimum but the other guys are all expected to return. None will break the bank but Murphy and Davis are starting to get expensive through arbitration. If i were the front office i would seriously consider long term deals with Murphy and Dillon Gee. Murphy has had another strong season and is rated as a three win player by WAR despite his so-so defense at second. Middle infielders are hard to find these days and Murphy was the only hitter in the Mets lineup this season that could be depended on from April to September. Gee is finishing his best major league campaign and guys who throw a lot of innings like Gee does, usually get paid handsomely. His first time through arbitration isn’t a big deal it’s the next few times that could be a problem for the team.



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