Somehow the Mets are 6th in the NL in runs

Posted: August 4, 2013 in News, Opinion

By Steven Inmanuntitled

Going into Sunday the Mets sit at 49-59 and many have thought that has been because of a poor offense that has been lacking power and speed.

That may not be completely true as the Mets have scored 441 runs this season, 6th in the National League.

Only the Cardinals, Braves, Rockies, Reds and Diamondbacks have scored more runs than the Mets this season.

This to me is mindboggling as the Mets are second to last in average (.238), 12th in OBP and middle of the pack in homeruns. They also hit just .241 with runners in scoring position but according to this the Mets offense hasn’t been the main problem.

So what has been the reason the Mets are 49-59 if it isn’t the offense?

Well for starters they lost Johan Santana for the year and have gotten very little out of Jon Niese.

While Santana vows he hasn’t thrown his last pitch in the majors, he does acknowledge that he likely threw his last pitch as a Met.

The bullpen has been pretty awful and has changed dramatically since the beginning of last year.

The team also hasn’t beaten the teams they are “supposed to beat”. The Mets are just 5-10 against the Miami Marlins this season. Perhaps more importantly the Mets defense has been awful this year. Even since they starting playing better the Mets are near the bottom in errors.

I always think it’s important as a baseball team to know what your doing wrong in order to get better. For the Mets to get better next year thery are going to have to find better defensive players especially at shortstop and they are going to need to find more bullpen arms.

With all the extra inning games the Mets have played this year, the Mets bullpen has warn down and the team has had to shuffle a lot of arms from Vegas and New York. The Mets have played 48 extra innings in 2013, the most in the majors.


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