Mets don’t expect to make any moves at the trade deadline

Posted: July 29, 2013 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

A lot can change before Wednesday’s MLB Trade Deadline but as of Monday the Mets don’t plan on making any moves. Their phones have been quiet and the Mets have never been a team to shop their own guys like some other organizations, thinking it diminishes a players trade value.

The price tag of Marlon Byrd has been a team’s top 10-15 prospect which certainly isn’t unreasonable considering the season he has had. With good scouting a top 15 prospect can be an everyday player.

Mets prospect Rafael Montero came into the season in that mold, a top 10-15 prospect. Now everyone sees him as the Mets 3rd best prospect behind Travis d’Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard. Good scouting here and the Mets could find a gem.

So far though no team has stepped up to that asking price and with other bats still rumored to be moved, teams aren’t going to meet the Mets asking price until other more established bats (Alex Rios, Hunter Pence) are moved.

It doesn’t sound like the Mets will move Bobby Parnell or anyone else. There is an outside chance Byrd is moved or maybe a reliever but both are unlikely.

BrokeMets reported that Texas was interested in Byrd but Adam Rubin of ESPN New York says don’t hold your breathe on that. Texas and the Mets have never saw eye to eye on the value of both team’s prospects.

“The Mets have not had an easy time in the past dealing with Texas because of disagreements over the value of certain Rangers prospects.” Rubin explains

Remember Texas was heavily involved in trades for Carlos Beltran and R.A. Dickey only to see both players go elsewhere.

Expect a slow trade deadline around baseball, not just for the Mets.


  1. Michael Young says:

    Steve – As good as Marlon Byrd has been it is at least clear to me that he is not Carlos Beltran. The Mets chances of landing a quality propect like Zack Wheeler are therefore, in my opinion, very slim. I think they should keep him because if they trade him for a second tier prospect and the Mets lose 100 games then next year Citi Field will be a ghost town for sure if not sooner. Narlon Byrd will help keep what ever hope there is left for this ball club alive ubtil the Mets can bring up more guys and hopefully sinn not one but two bats in the off season as well as continuing to patch up the BP and bench. Hawkins and turner should not be here next year. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Well Mike when I said top 10-15 teams prospect I meant a top 15 prospect in one organization not all of baseball.

      If they can find a player here that can be useful to them in 2014 they should pull the trigger. I don’t think they can and Byrd stays here.

      As for Hawkins and turner, Hawkins is 40 so you wonder what’s his plan after the season. He’s still pitching well for his age and the mets say he’s been great for the clubhouse. I wouldn’t expect him back.

      As for turner the mets have gone without a backup shortstop the last few years hoping Turner would be that guy. He really hasnt been. As long as he is still making the league minimum he is still a valuable bench guy though in my opinion

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