Jenrry Mejia to start game 1 of Double Header Friday but should he?

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Future Mets, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inmanuntitled

Jenrry Mejia will be called up to make a spot start as part of a double header vs. the Nationals on Friday. Mejia, 24, has pitched just 24 2/3rds innings this season after missing most of the season with a forearm injury.

Mejia will be allowed to come up as the 26th man for game 1 of the double header vs. the struggling Nationals.

I think we have seen enough of Mejia has a starting pitcher. He doesn’t throw enough strikes and most around baseball believe he has a better chance of staying healthy in a relief role. Mejia has just gone through a very serious injury and it remains to be seen if he is ready to face major league hitters again.

I think Mejia has a nice future as a power arm in the Mets bullpen but yanking him from starting to reliever and back and force may cause him to never fulfill his potential.

Mets prospect Jacob deGrom looks close to the big leagues and was considered for Friday's doubleheader

Mets prospect Jacob deGrom looks close to the big leagues and was considered for Friday’s doubleheader

I would much rather see Jacob deGrom who is pitching well in Las Vegas make his major league debut for a spot start.

DeGrom, a ninth-round pick in 2010 out of Stetson didn’t start pitching until his junior year of college so despite being 25 he is still seen as a guy with a lot of upside.

During his junior season, Stetson’s coaches asked deGrom, the team’s shortstop, if he would like to serve as the team’s closer.

“I was pretty good defensively, but wasn’t a great hitter,” deGrom said.

Later in that 2010 college season, deGrom became a starting pitcher.

“Halfway through they pulled me into the office and asked me if I minded starting,” deGrom. “And I told them no. So that’s pretty much when it started.”

The Mets have a ton of starting depth like deGrom and others that it makes even more sense to permanently move Mejia to the bullpen.

  1. Michael Young says:

    Steve – I totally agree with you. I have also seen enough of Jenrry Mejia – as a starter. He is a BP pitcher. In trying to make him into a starter or even worse jockeying back and forth between starting and relieving the Mets are, if they are not careful, going to mess him up just like, again in my opinion, the Yankees messed up Jobba Chamberlain. Mejia has talent and the Mets need to acknowledge that he is a relief specialist with a tremendous upside, because he has a live arm, once he learns, like all pitchers need to learn, command his pitches, throw strikes and use his secondary stuff effectively once he has two strikes on a hitter. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      I was thinking the exact same example Mike, Joba Chamberlain was dynamic out of the bullpen and they yanked him around. Now the Yankees are trying to trade him years too late. Mejia came to big league camp in 2010 and Darryl Strawberry said he looked just like Mariano Rivera. That was obviously a stretch but Mejia had a future in the bullpen and you wonder if they already ruined him. He will come up tomorrow as the 26th man and then be sent down after the game. Thanks for the comment Mike!

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